Vastu Tips for Buying a New House

Vastu Tips for Buying a New House

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture. It lays down rules that should be followed when buying a house.

Our ancestors have followed the Vastu Shastra tips for buying a new house for thousands of years. It has rules that are in the form of rituals and logic.

For example, you must have more windows to the east and north of the house, while you plant trees to the west and south.

The reason is that if you have more windows in the east or north, you will get maximum sunlight during the morning which is a good source of vitamin D.

If you plant more trees in the west and south direction, they provide natural shade from the harsh afternoon heat of the sun.

The rules of Vastu Shastra tips for buying new house are based on the directional grid. A directional grid is divided into nine squares, each indicating the different directions. As per the Hindu mythology, it is believed that the Hindu gods and demons pinned Vastu Purusha down and became the ruling deities of the different directions. 

The deity ruling each square in the directional grid is given below:

North - West (NW) - Vayu (God of wind)

North - Kubera (God of wealth)

North - East (NE) - Ishana (God of water)

West - Varuna (Controls rain and water)

Centre - Bramha (Creator of life)

East - Aditya (Sun God)

South - West (SW) - Pitru (Ancestors)

South - East (SE) - Agni (God of fire)

Vastu Shastra recommends the layout of the plot/house/room based on the directional grid as follows:

  • The plot layout must be a square or a rectangle with roads on all four sides. In the case of apartments, it is not possible to identify the plot on which the particular flat is constructed.

Therefore, you can check if the building is on a straight road and not on a curved road.

Also, check if the apartment/house is in the east to west direction or north to south direction.

  • In case of a flat, the length of the flat is larger in the north-south direction than the length in the east-west direction.
  • It must be a rectangular shaped flat/house.
  • The layout of the house is based on the following conditions:

Here is a list of conditions or vastu tips for buying new flat which were used to evaluate the plan of the house/apartment:

  • The shape of a flat must be a square or a rectangle.
  • Drawing room/living room/corridor must be in the north or east direction.
  • Prayer / Pooja room or study room must be in the north-east direction.
  • Master bedroom must be in a south-west direction.
  • The guest bedroom must be in a north-west direction.
  • The children’s bedroom must be in the west or south direction.
  • The kitchen must be in the south-east or north-west direction.
  • The staircase must be in the south-west, south or west direction.
  • Balcony and open terrace must be in the north, east or north-east direction.

You can compare the houses available for sale to see if they conform to the rules of the layout given above. Not all homes will be fully compliant. Therefore, you must compare and shortlist a house that satisfies most of the conditions.

Vastu Tips for Buying New Flat: Before Buying 

The entrance to the house is key, because it is the point where the energy flow enters, and therefore, it must be visible and easy to travel. Going into the structure, it is convenient to avoid that the central part of the house is a bathroom or kitchen, as this can weaken the health of its inhabitants. As far as possible, pointy roofs, direct accesses and consecutive doors in the corridors should also be avoided, characteristics that make energy retention more difficult. If you are buying in preconstruction look very well in the plans; keep in mind that square or rectangular plans provide well-being and stability, while irregular ones tend to unbalance. 

Vastu Rules for Your New Home: Ready to Move

While it is true that the planning of the building has much to do with its beneficial energies, this is a challenging aspect to change, so we must focus on improving it. Five main elements relate to aspects of your personality and help attract different situations:

Wood: Promotes progress, It is associated with blues and light greens and tall, narrow forms. You can use interior plants and flowers to increase this type of energy.

Fire: Favours expansion, is associated with warm and different colours such as red, orange and purple, and triangular and angular shapes. An example of objects that increase this type of energy is lamps.

Metal: It helps to generate concentration and efficiency. It is associated with more neutral colours: white, gold, silver and grey; and the round shapes. The objects made with this material encourage the increase of this type of energy.

Water: Synonym of flow, renewal and connection. It is related to blacks, dark blues, wavy and irregular shapes. 

Earth: Favours settlement and receptivity. It is associated with yellows, oranges and soft browns. To increase this type of energy, ceramic elements are used.

The idea is to use decorative objects belonging to each element to achieve a balance that promotes the flow of energy. If you are investing in a used house, it is worth asking your previous owners for their history, as the spaces retain the energy of those who were there and sometimes it is necessary to carry out purification rituals to "cure" any kind of difficult situation and achieve the balance of energies again.

5 Tips to Ensure Vastu in House 

Nowadays, Vaastu experts have strongly differing opinions on the rules and principles that one should follow to ensure Vaastu Shastra compliance. Everyone wants to make their life simpler and therefore, follow the below five things that are an absolute must when you’re looking to buy a house. 

Before Constructing a House 

It is recommended to perform a Bhoomi Pooja before starting the construction of the house. It is considered an auspicious beginning and heralds an excellent start to the proceedings.

The Entrance of the House

East is the most important direction for the home entrance. Because the sun rises in the east which brings positive energy and light into the house. The direction that the house entrance can face towards the North East direction also. 

Location of the Kitchen

The South-East corner of the home is the ideal one for the kitchen’s location, and cooking supposedly should be done while facing the East. However, the kitchen should not be located directly in front of the main door of the house.

Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom should be situated at the South West corner of an East-facing home. Square and rectangular shaped bedrooms are good to use.

Bathroom Location

The bathrooms are to be constructed in the North-West corner of the house or South East. It is also recommended that the bathrooms, kitchen and Pooja room in the house should not be adjacent to each other. One must apply these vastu tips for buying new flat.

The entrance door to the house is essential, it determines one of the main places by which energy enters your home. The main door of the house is the place where we access the interior of the physical space of the house and also the home of a family, their personal and private life. It is the connection of its inhabitants with the outside world. So important is that when you sell or rent a home is one of the details that you must take care of.

There are several details that we should keep in mind regarding the front door.

Do you open and close your door?

  • Your door must open and close perfectly
  • The key must turn completely to open and close effortlessly
  • The door should not rub on the floor or the sides
  • When opening the door, you should not trip over things or furniture inside the house.

If you are looking for a new flat or house in Hyderabad here are some vastu shastra tips for buying new house, based on affordable and common sense issues.

Observe the Structure

In the first place, it has to observe and look at the structure in its external and internal form, verifying that it is not too irregular or complex. This "irregularity" extends to delicate structures, aggressive, many levels, or that emanate an imprecise or chaotic pattern, and that can be difficult for quiet family life. A house with a harmonious, intelligent, predictable and practical pattern is more advisable at first than a very irregular or disorganized structure. 

You must avoid large unused spaces, unventilated rooms, lack of light, excess aggressive corners or facing doors, long corridors with many entries in the line, excessive excess of bathrooms, stairs in front of the door, or design elements that do not have a practical function to live with real comfort. 

Place History 

You have to ask the neighbours of the house or land you are going to acquire about the history of the place, which is nothing more than a compilation of events that happened in that place. It is positive and advisable to make sure that it has not been a "recurrent" space in misfortunes, accidents, illness, theft or other complications. 

Type of Land

It is important to observe with caution the lands with big falls or slopes, precipices, arid and very windy zones. Take into account the proximity of underground water streams or veins, high voltage lines, transformers, etc. In these cases, a professional measurement may be essential. Neither the proximity of polluting industries, chimneys, large antennas or elements discordant with the natural environment are advisable.


The streets should be normal and peaceful, without pointing directly towards the entrance. The houses with corner doors that give the feeling that the vehicles go directly to it, result in constant aggression. V-shaped or T-shaped streets are avoided. Both the facings on which a V points or on which the T-shaped column is directed receive ongoing aggression. The convex shapes pointing towards the entrance are also not advisable in general, such as the curve of a highway, a bridge or a building.

Noble Characteristics

You must look for a neighbourhood with noble characteristics, such as cleanliness, order or harmony among neighbours. It is always appreciated the existence as much as possible of green spaces and ultimately notice that you are in a friendly environment. The most suitable moments for reforms, changes or transfers can also be analyzed and a set of details that emerge from the experience. It is advisable to also observe the existence of groundwater currents and other geological problems such as possible electromagnetic pollution and the quality of the materials.

Finally, it should be said that although it is very important not to rush into the choice of a place that you have to live in for many years, comparing with tranquillity the different possibilities. Everything is in constant change and movement.

Use the principles that offer you more sensitive, making intelligent use of information and when in doubt, seek guidance from a professional and ethical Vastu Shastra consultant for readings that require specialized knowledge.

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By: Shailaja K