Vastu Tips for Buying a New House

Vastu Tips for Buying a New House
09:32 AM 04 Dec 2018

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science of architecture. It lays down rules that should be followed when buying a house.

Our ancestors have followed the Vastu Shastra for thousands of years. It has rules that are in the form of rituals and logic.

For example, you must have more windows to the east and north of the house, while you plant trees to the west and south.

The reason is that if you have more windows in the east or north, you will get maximum sunlight during the morning which is a good source of vitamin D.

If you plant more trees in the west and south direction, they provide a natural shade from the harsh afternoon heat of the sun.

The rules of Vastu Shastra are based on the directional grid. A directional grid is divided into nine squares, each indicating the different directions. As per the Hindu mythology, it is believed that the Hindu gods and demons pinned Vastu Purusha down and became the ruling deities of the different directions. The deity ruling each square in the directional grid is given below:

North - West (NW) - Vayu (God of wind)

North - Kubera (God of wealth)

North - East (NE) - Ishana (God of water)

West - Varuna (Controls rain and water)

Centre - Bramha (Creator of life)

East - Aditya (Sun God)

South - West (SW) - Pitru (Ancestors)

South - East (SE) - Agni (God of fire)

Vastu Shastra recommends the layout of the plot/house/room based on the directional grid as follows:

  • The plot layout must be a square or a rectangle with roads on all four sides. In the case of apartments, it is not possible to identify the plot on which the particular flat is constructed.

Therefore, you can check if the building is on a straight road and not on a curved road.

Also, check if the apartment/house is in the east to west direction or north to south direction.

  • In case of a flat, the length of the flat is larger in north-south direction than the length in the east-west direction.
  • It must be a rectangular shaped flat/house.
  • The layout of the house is based on the following conditions:

Here is a list of conditions used to evaluate the plan of the house/apartment:

  • The shape of a flat must be a square or a rectangle.
  • Drawing room/living room/corridor must be in the north or east direction.
  • Prayer / Pooja room or study room must be in the north-east direction.
  • Master bedroom must be in the south-west direction.
  • The guest bedroom must be in the north-west direction.
  • The children’s bedroom must be in the west or south direction.
  • The kitchen must be in the south-east or north-west direction.
  • Staircase must be in the south-west, south or west direction.
  • Balcony and open terrace must be in the north, east or north-east direction.

You can compare the houses available for sale to see if they conform to the rules of the layout given above. Not all homes will be fully compliant. Therefore, you must compare and shortlist a house that satisfies most of the conditions.

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By: Lotus Tech