Top Tips to Reduce Your Home Loan Interest Rates

09:30 AM 04 May 2019

Home is where one’s heart lies; it's true no luxurious fantasy stay in the world can replace home as everyone wants to stay at their place. Owning a home is like a life long dream for many,  it’s like the most significant step you are going to take in your life

Purchasing a home is like a lifetime investment for many, and home loans are considered an integral part of this. As to make a lifetime investment it takes more than what it needs, and this is where home loans step into the big picture.

Nowadays for home buyers almost all public and private sector banks are offering home loans at attractive rates to purchase their dream home. Banks are offering home loan products studded with features and value additions that make the schemes get more attention from customers and also serve as a substantial source to the borrowers for owning their dream home.

Home Loan Benefits

With the real estate boom and steadily rising capital values are making nearly impossible for many people to fund for their homes. With banks and many financial institutions are lending money for the buyer's to accomplish their dreams.

Construction developers and builders are tieing up with many banks to make home loans hassle-free for the buyers. Opting for a home loan mainly serves two purposes. One, of course, to purchase a home. The other is that borrowers get a lot of tax benefits for taking a home loan.

Although banks and NBC’s offer less interest when compared to loan sharks and other private finance people. For a common man, these home loan rates turn into a burden if not organised properly.

Let's have a look at some useful tips to reduce home loan interest rates:  

Home Loan Interest Rates

Before committing for a home loan from an individual or NBC, always ensure by comparing the interest rates applicable by them and choose for the lowest. Home loan interest rates differ on the institution to another.

It all depends on your property’s location, type, your credit score, and so on. But all though they consider these factors, still the interest rates may be considerably lower for particular banks. Choose for the lower best home loan rates so that you will not regret it over time.

Transfer of Balance

For suppose if you have already opted for a home loan in a hurry, still, you will have the opportunity to switch your home loan. All you have to do is refinance your home loan from a different place that offers the lowest interest rates.

By doing so, you will, in turn, reduce your overall burden on repaying your home loan rates. This will help your re-negotiate your home loan on current home loan interest rates with your lender. But, before switching consider other elements like legal fees, processing fees, etc.

Opt for Short Tenure

Shorter the duration of the loan shorter will be the interest paid for the home loan. Borrowers always ignore this primary fact. The interest is always calculated by taking the principal amount into the count.

Longer tenure loans tend to the increment of the absolute payout of the interest. When the tenure of the loan is lesser, the principal amount of payment is made at a faster speed. So, the quick repayment of the loan leads to the absolute payout of the interest.

Increase EMI

Although you might be unsure of this option. However, this is probably one of the best ways to lower your home loan interest rates. Because your merest rates are dependent on the principal amount, you borrow from the particular lender and loan repayment tenure that you opted for.

So, if you repay a larger instalment every month, it will help you reduce your current home loan interest rates in future. However, make sure that you are not overdoing by increasing the monthly instalment.

Your Credit Score

Banks and Non-Banking Finance Companies scrutinize your credit history. The main reason for the financial institution for this procedure is to know stability. Your credit history not only reflects your past repayments but also your financial responsibility.

For a person who has a good credit history will only prove to be beneficial as an individual’s interest rates are decided on that. It will be useful, and if you have a good credit history and score, you can quickly negotiate with the lenders and ask them to lower the rates.

Pre-payment of Home Loan

A borrower can decide if they want to close the loan before the tenure to reduce their interest rates. Some banks and NBFCs offer prepayment policies for their customers who opt for home loans without extra charges.

If there are no additional penalties associated with it after financial stability, one can focus mainly on paying the prepayment of the loan. As the faster prepayment of the loan can help reduce the interest rates. But, some financial institutions impose charges for the prepayment of home loans.

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By Govi