TS Government to Regularize all Notary Properties in Hyderabad

TS Government to Regularize all Notary Properties in Hyderabad

All notary land in the city shall be reviewed and regularised without litigation. On 26 September, State MAUD Minister KT Rama Rao ordered Line Department employees, including MAUD, revenue, and GHMC, without enforcing a financing burden on citizens, to tackle land and asset ownership rights matters.

Government to Regulate Unregistered Notary Properties

At the GHMC headquarters meeting, the Minister said that 24.5 lakh properties exist in the city and just 16.5 lakh properties were evaluated from these. The majority have no identification number for property taxes. The regulations are now being enforced to all non-registered properties sold or acquired with notary documents.

The government doesn't want to raise people's money. The concept is to promote all ownership rights and to resolve them. The Minister has instructed all officials to participate actively in uploading assets and property information on the Dharani portal. The exercise is to be carried out free of charge according to requirements. KTR assigned officials to categorize land-related claims and submit a report by 28 September.

The GHMC official said that issues concerning the Ayyapa society in Madhapur are also being addressed. The state declared that the Ayyapa society belongs to the Gurukul trust while the owners of the society denied it. Decisions on the regularisation of properties are made after the list of complaints are submitted.