HMDA - Necklace Road Stretch Surrounding to get Beautify Soon

HMDA - Necklace Road Stretch Surrounding to get Beautify Soon

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) is now concentrating on embellishment and new lighting facilities on the stretch around Hussain Sagar Lake with Vacuum Dewatered Cement Concrete (VDCC), which is close to completion of Necklace Road works.

Modification Works at Necklace Road Stretch 

Initially, the HMDA plans to set up new LED lights on Necklace Road covering 8 kilometres, and agencies with needed experience and expertise for the project are being drawn together, which will be expected to cost approximately Rs 2 crore. Once the agencies have been appointed, they will also be designated to maintain and operate highway lights for 5 years. 

These initiatives are part of extensive plans to create and incorporate stylistic flair work on Necklace Road, which is already one of the city's famous spots. The HMDA is already investing Rs 23 crores on the laying of the VDCC road, improving the Necklace Road network, preventing stagnation of water and increasing road durability. The works were started and carried out quickly during the lock-down time while the road stretch was without regular traffic.

Already 70% of the construction has been completed and by the first week of October, the whole work is completed. The entire 6 kilometres of bitumen road from Imax Rotary to Sailing Club (Buddha Bhavan) is replaced with VDCC road. Replacement of the conventional bitumen road by VDCC will help ensure durability and remove potholes or uneven surfaces. 

Besides the main lane, the damaged areas of the pavements, paths and kerbs were replaced with new ones. The VDCC was already laying on one side of the stretch, i.e. the station-end Necklace Road MMTS to the Sailing Club end.

Since the works were underway, traffic was being controlled to prevent discomfort and early work completion.

By: Shailaja K