Veg and non-vegetarian markets and water plants are to be set up by TS Govt

The Telangana Government has asserted the flourishing implementation of schemes to furnish basic facilities in urban areas.  

The government allocated a press note on urban development, claiming that many programs are undergoing for overall state development. 

Pattana Pragathi Scheme was presented to benefit the citizens with infrastructural facilities. Development works are enabled by releasing monthly funds for this scheme. 10% of the green budget has been allocated to municipalities and corporations. 

500 crores have been allocated to assemble markets which led to the development of surrounding areas. Veg and non-veg markets will be established in 144 sites. 125 of these sites are finalizing construction. 

139 water-purifying plants are assembling at 430 crores, 22 of which have been finalized. 

Implementing T-pass and B-pass laws in urban areas eased obtaining permission to construct houses. Steps are undertaken for urgent construction works approval. 

Special attention was given to health, and sanitation works in urban municipalities.