Why do we Celebrate republic day?

republic day is a momentous day celebrated every year on 26th of january. on this day every year, indians rejoice, for the reason, the constitution of india came into force on this day in 1950. the day is recognized for india attaining complete independence (purna swaraj) in 1930 and consequently, the date "26th january" got carved in the gazette records eternally. from kids to senior citizens, everyone unfurls the national tricolour flag on this day, to pay tribute to their motherland. importance of this day is elaborated below.on this day, india emerged as the most significant democratic nation, along with the longest written constitution. 

indian constitution came into existence

the constitution came into effect on this day, laying the firm foundation for an indian administration. thus, the indian government became a distinct entity and went out of the shadow of the british government.


until 1950, india was governed by the laws of the british government partially. so the country was not self-guided until the republic day. every indian citizen should realize the inherent importance of the republic day.  we as citizens should feel proud to be an indian and respect all those who helped our country get stronger and better. special homage should be paid to all the freedom fighters and soldiers, who made indelible sacrifices for people to breathe ‘free'. republic day celebrations with patriotism apart, paying respect to the country is a sign of a responsible citizen. so let us all pledge to uphold our country's honour at all times and respect its past, work on its present and hope for a bright and progressive future.

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by: shailaja k