Wipro to Setup Tenant Acquisition Management Solution for Realty Sector

Wipro to Setup Tenant Acquisition Management Solution for Realty Sector

On Wednesday, 28th Oct, Wipro Ltd announced that it would co-innovate with SAP SE on cloud-based real estate industry solutions.

Wipro Generates Cloud Solutions for Realty Sector

Wipro will co-innovate with SAP SE, India's leading global IT, consultancy and business process services firm, on cloud-based solutions for the real estate sector. Partners are an important part of SAP's Intelligent Business strategy, and Wipro contributes to the creation of purpose-built solutions for real estate with its industry insights and expertise.

Srinivas Sai Nidadhavolu, SAP Services Vice President & Global Practice Manager, Wipro says the partnership of Wipro & SAP would promote creativity to help customers address real-world business challenges. This programme would allow real estate companies to evolve in the industry and distinguish themselves continually. For other sectors as well, they will continue to design new solutions.

Wipro has introduced a Tenant Acquisition Management (TAM) solution for the real estate industry, developed using smart technologies such as automation of robotic processes, AI, and ML. This enables TAM to allow quicker deal conversion in relation to tenant leasing by providing leasing agents with a smooth, real-time and consistent experience to conduct Lead to Lease activities. As a cloud extension, TAM can be incorporated into SAP User Interface and SAP S/4HANA applications as well.

In addition, the solution also uses Wipro's preconfigured real estate industry solution to speed up SAP S/4HANA deployments and handle end-to-end real estate business processes.