Telangana Chief Minister Inaugurated New Dharani Land Portal

Telangana Chief Minister Inaugurated New Dharani Land Portal

The government will permit all property transactions, including registrations and mutations, through this land Dharani web Portal.

Telangana's Land Portal Dharani 

On Thursday, October 29, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao inaugurated the Dharani Land Web Portal at Muduchintalapalli in the Medchal-Malkajgiri district.

Through the Dharani portal, the government will allow all property transactions through the web portal, including registrations and mutations. The state government has already begun training tahsildars and nayab tahsildars to perform property registrations.

In the wake of the Dharani preparations and amendment to the Revenue Act, the state government postponed property registrations from September 1st. Under the new regulations, registration of agricultural property would be carried out by tahsildars of the respective mandates and registration of non-agricultural property would be carried out by sub-registrars of stamps and registration departments.

In the meantime, orders have been issued by the revenue department that the new amended Telangana Land Rights and Pattadar Passbooks Act 2020 will come into force on October 29.

The platform will operate as a one-stop solution for land-property problems, including mutations and online instant registration. It would bring an end to massive corruption and endless land disputes in the department.

Telangana Dharani Portal for Hassle-Free Land Management

Chief Minister KCR launched the Dharani Land Web Portal on October 29. He stated that the new Dharani portal will be a trendsetter in the country as it was closely observed by several states in order to replicate the process in their respective territories.

Keypoints of Dharani Portal

  • The Government has not raised prices for property registration.
  • It will give a comprehensive title to landowners after completing a digital land survey and recording land parcels with coordinates soon. 
  • Property registrations through Dharani portal would put an end to illegal transactions. 
  • Property sellers, buyers and respective tahsildars have to provide biometrics for completing the process of registration
  • Tahsildars cannot claim that property was given illegally without his or her knowledge. 
  • The lands of Government, waqf, endowments and forest would be in auto-lock mode and cannot be registered.
  • Registration process through the Dharani portal would be hassle-free and transparent. 

Once the land survey with coordinates is completed, it is impossible to corrupt with documents.  Registration of agricultural property in all Tahsildar offices and registration of non-agricultural property in sub-registrar offices would start within 15 days. All open plot owners need to have their property registered in Dharani.

Individuals can choose to hide a choice if they do not want to make their properties visible, and the Dharani backup is secured completely. If someone loses his or her land title through the malpractices of Dharani, the Government will pay the landowner compensation.

Five years ago, the state government agreed to put an end to land issues in the state and started working on finding a permanent solution. One such move was the upgrading programme for land records.  Adding to this, Telangana is now at the top of the country in terms of GSDP, power consumption per capita and paddy production.

By: Shailaja K