9 Simple Ways to Save Energy at Your Home

When you reduce energy consumption in your house, you not only take care of your money but also contribute to a healthy environment. Saving is essential for many homes, and everyone has to make a habit to save energy at home with some smart ways and ideas. Look at the below nine simple ways which help you save energy at your home in Hyderabad and lead a comfortable life.

9 Simple Ways To Save Energy At Your HomeUse Natural Light

One of the ways to save energy at home is to take advantage of the benefits of natural Sunlight. Sunrays at home will make you feel healthier and more comfortable. From an interior design standpoint, the bright room looks more beautiful. During the summer, close the windows when the AC is on to save energy. In the winter, open them during the day time but keep them closed at night to reduce heat loss through windows.

Turn Off Lights

When you turn on the lights in rooms for doing any work, remember to turn them off when you are no longer in that room or when you are going out. Even if you use LED lights in your home but if you always leave them on for hours you will end up paying more on your power bill. So, make a habit to turn off lights after use and make easy ways to save electricity in your home. 

Smart Cooking

Always use the lid while cooking to generate heat and reduce your cooking time. Your cooking will take longer to heat the pan and also consume more energy. So making a habit of covering the pans with lids while cooking is the smart way to save energy. In this way, you can cook the food fast and also reduce heat in your home in an easy way.

Disconnect Devices

When you use any electronic devices, make sure to unplug them after its use to save energy. If you leave, connected devices turned off but still plugged in, it wastes more energy. Some devices include chargers, computers, heaters, digital devices, electric brush, etc. One way to save energy is to make a habit of disconnecting these devices after using them.

Use Residual Heat of the Oven 

The oven does not lose heat immediately when you turn it off. You can take advantage of that residual heat to finish doing what you are cooking. For example - If you are roasting a chicken in the oven, turn it off before 5 or 10 minutes and let it finish browning with the residual heat of the oven.


The appliances must be maintained properly to work continuously. For example, clean the refrigerator coil at least once a year, keep the air conditioning filters clean from time to time, or remove excess dust from the fan blades for proper operation. You will also be able to extend the life of these devices and save energy and lead a comfortable life in your apartment in Hyderabad.

Ironing Clothes 

The iron is one of those appliances that consume more energy. One of the excellent habits to save electricity during ironing is make a habit to iron all the clothes at once. To do it most efficiently, start ironing the clothes that need high temperature and continue with those that need less temperature. Even if you turn off the iron it has excess heat with which you can iron a few clothes.

Avoid Keeping Fridge Open

Opening a refrigerator or freezer for a long time is a bad practice. The cold generated by your fridge is quickly lost when you do this. That's why a little tip to reduce your energy consumption at home is to adopt a habit to decide first what you want and open the fridge to take it. Use some of these simple ways to save energy in your home.

Digital Thermostats

Setting a pleasant temperature in the house is easy now with using digital thermostats. You can use digital thermostats in your home to maintain the temperature that you need. Set the temperature up to 20-23 degrees in winter and 22-25 degrees temperature in summer for the comfortable stay with the help of digital thermostats and save energy.

The above points help you to know how to save energy in your home easily. Many reputed builders are constructing smart homes with quality facilities for a comfortable stay of the residents. Are you interested in buying a smart home in Hyderabad? Visit PropertyAdviser.in and know the detailed information about smart apartment projects and lead a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.

By: Shailaja K