Investment Difference Between between Plot and Flat

In major cities, although apartment culture has outgrown the residential market, people still are puzzled when it comes to investment difference between plot and flat. To make profitable decisions, one needs to gauge many aspects like the value of building, appreciation, monetary help, and financial gain.

One of the essential moves is to spot what you would like out of your investment, like regular returns or sound appreciation over time. It's better not to stretch out more than your capability since the difference between plot and flat investment are not the same. Let’s see some of the advantages and disadvantages of investing in land or apartment:

Smart Investment Options

If you are seeking to purchase a flat, you can either be ready to do the same by using your savings, apply for home loans, etc. But, one of the advantages and major difference between plot and flat is that you get to reside in your own home from the initial day itself after you buy an apartment. It can save you a good amount on your rentals. 

Although one can buy land through home loans, it may seemingly be costly compared to buy an apartment of the same size. A plot gives you the freedom to build your own home. Until then you will not be able to reside in one, and additionally, you need to pay rent in spite of investing in the land.

In metro cities, the land cost is very much higher compared to a flat. One can buy land in Tier-II cities, as the land costs would be less and you might acquire a good portion of the plot. While, if you want to invest in a flat a fixed amount is paid as per the agreement and the builder will be responsible for it. It's not the same in case if you buy land, as to convert a plot to a residential area requires civic body permissions and clearances. And one needs to make sure they construct the structure as per the permit limits.

Best Resale Value

Nowadays, apartments for sale in Hyderabad offer a wide range of amenities. This feature is attracting new-aged people, as they get the worldly comforts at a reasonable price. Costs to buy an apartment vs plot are mainly affected by the surroundings of the property. Compared to plots the price appreciation of apartments is less, considering the depreciation of structure over time.

While purchasers buy land they have the advantage of being the sole or joint owner of the property. They can also enjoy the freedom of designing their home as per their wish, without worrying about other residents' permissions. A wealthy buyer can also be interested to buy land as an investment purpose, to build an apartment and sell the individual units

When you construct your house, you are doing it as per your feeling and style. Which can not essentially be attractive to a possible emptor after you decide on selling it. He can then ought to either invest additional in renovating it or pull it down altogether to make a brand new one. This could impact the price of the property to a reasonable extent. This disadvantage is absent within the case of apartments. As a result, they are available with a set structure that is a part of a building and, hence, more comfortable to sell at the value without abundant talks.

Legal Issues

One of the main features of the plots is that they can be illegally placed. So, to be on the safe side, it's best if one considers to buy land in gated communities, as the builder will take care of it on your behalf. 

If not, do keen research on any disputes before you buy land, and make sure to keep an eye on it until you construct your home on it. In India, a lot of issues are rising daily regarding the capture of lands. Although these issues are considerably less to buy an apartment, it also possesses its own threats. 

Make sure you buy an apartment that is RERA registered, so there maintains transparency between all the transactions. RERA act makes sure the builder provides you with your promised apartment. If in case, he didn’t meet the requirements, the builder must pay compensation to the buyer or it will be considered as a criminal offense and can also be jailed for the same.

Overall Benefits

Buying a plot or apartment is a challenging affair. Irrespective of a buyer being financially stable or not, everyone can use some extra cash benefits in terms of govt schemes and tax benefits. The major bank offers loans to buy land & apartments, but for plots, it may be a cumbersome task.

To make the housing vision dream come true, the Govt of India has launched “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana” housing for all vision schemes. The Credit-Linked Subsidy Scheme on home loans for properties in the urban market belonging to Economically Weaker Section, LIG, MIG 1   & II. This scheme is not applicable if you buy land or plot, but can be used to construct your home in your land.

A lot of tax benefits are associated with plots and for the ones who buy an apartment. For plots, it can be availed once the construction has been initiated and is only for the initial year. The empty land doesn’t hold any tax benefits for the buyers. And comparatively the sale proceeds of a plot incur higher tax.


With that being said, both apartment and land have their pros and cons. It all comes to individual opinion to determine the investment difference between plot and flat which one works for them. Having a plot suggests that you'd have to be cautious in some moves. Yet, the rewards for plots may be abundantly higher. And you'd have to ultimately manage on the standard of construction. But with flats, they're hassle-free since everything is equipped and you can start your earnings from the first day itself. 

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