Apartment or Villa or Plot – which is a better investment opportunity

Apartment or Villa or Plot – which is a better investment opportunity?

Investment in a property is a smart choice and requires the right amount of knowledge about the market and the place of investment. Not many individuals understand why investing in a property is better than other saving alternatives, so they end up losing many good opportunities and benefits. And, to all those smart investors, you might have circled in your mind that you need to invest in a property, but might be struggling between the choices laid that is, villa vs. flat, flat vs. plot – which is the better option. While everyone has travelled or is still travelling in the same boat of confusion, we have laid out each's benefits to clear this. Now, after reading, it is up to you to decide!

So, here's to all my fellow-buyers to contemplate better:

Villa or Flats – which is a better option?

  • Investment cost:  

Villas are usually high-end investments as they are mostly luxurious independent homes. This investment option is costly because of its horizontal structure, which would not be more than two floors, giving the developer a minute scope to build and benefit like a flat.  

Apartments or flats are reasonable and easy on the pocket when compared to Villas.

  • Villa vs. Flat: When it comes to the comparison part – villa vs. flat, many of them choose flats over villas because a buyer can financially accommodate an apartment located in a prime location when compared to a villa. But recently, builders are also constructing villas within gated communities and advanced facilities at affordable prices. So, there’s a tug between villa vs. flat when it comes to the purchase part.
  • Customization: If the buyer is interested in designing a home of their own choice, then Villas gives a better opportunity than a flat. Customization both externally and internally is possible in a villa that offers more brownie points over flats.
  • Return on Investment: Concerning renting out your home or selling the property, then if you look into villa vs. flat – again, flats or apartments win out. The reason being, flats are affordable and can easily be rented out. Whereas villas require a lot of maintenance, and an investment to buy it is high, which might not fit many buyers' budgets.

Which is a better buy – Flat or Plot?

  • Investment cost: 

Flats are considered to be the most affordable residential investment. It is so because of the different benefits it carries. Every buyer has an apartment that fits in their budget right from affordable and straightforward flats to luxurious flats in gated communities encompassing varied facilities. So, these high-rise/low-rise buildings are higher in demand than their peers.

Generally, an individual while planning to invest in property has options residential plot vs. residential flat; then, they usually pick for a plot compared to a flat. Because, first – a plot can be owned and need not be maintained like a home. Second, one can invest in a plot at the city's prime and expensive pockets, whereas flats might be higher-end for few investors/buyers.

  • Flat vs. Plot: When the question raises flat vs. plot, it depends majorly on the buyer and their investment planning. If the buyer is interested in an open space and not into any ready to move flats, then they would prefer a plot. Whereas, if it is moving into a home – then would go for a flat. Either of it entirely depends on the price as well. A flat at a premium place can be much costlier than a plot at a prime pocket.
  • Customization: In case of customization, plot wins over a flat. Here if you think flat or plot, which is better? Than everyone equivocally says plot – because the customization for a plot is higher than a flat. Concerning a flat, you can make multiple changes to the flat internally but nothing externally. Whereas, in the case of plots, you can have your home variant – a luxurious villa, an apartment, or a simple abode.
  • Return on Investment: Return on Investment – this is the prime topic while investing in properties. The buyer before financing for the property would naturally think if the plot or flat, which is a better investment, or could you even contemplate why to invest in apartments, this is the time – the prime deciding factor would be returning on investment (ROI). Here, the clear winner between the residential plot vs. residential flat is the residential plot. Reason: open properties bring in more appreciation over time when compared to a flat. Apartments either have depreciation value or significantly less appreciation (it depends on the locality and the demand). Since the stakes are higher for a plot, most buyers choose plot over a flat.

In the end, all three property investment options have their positives and drawbacks. It is the buyer who is the best judge based on their requirement. But, one common thing all three can give is happy and secure living.