Advantages of Central Gardens in Hyderabad Gated Communities

Advantages Of Central Gardens In Hyderabad Gated Communities
09:32 AM 23 Nov 2018

The rising income levels, availability of home loans, and willingness to invest in houses with world-class amenities near schools, offices, speciality hospitals and the need for convenient housing are encouraging people to invest in villas in townships.

The townships are developed to provide a better standard of living to residents. They provide benefits of the countryside even while living in the city. The spacious villas in the township offer enough space for the family, and as most of them have excellent facilities, there is a lot of demand for these dwellings in Hyderabad. Typically, the townships are built on vast lands that have a higher percentage of open spaces to play outdoors. There are gardens and seating areas, playgrounds, indoor and outdoor courts to play a sport, and gym and jogging track to lead an active life.

The central gardens in villas are designed to provide recreational spaces for the residents of the villa. The open and recreational areas are essential urban content which complements and enrich the dwelling function.

If the gardens are centrally located, all the residents in the gated community will be able to use it equally. The gardens are beneficial to the health and well-being of the residents.

It also enhances the property’s value as it adds to the aesthetic appeal of the buyers. It preserves natural surroundings and improves the quality of life due to clean air. The jogging and walking tracks facilitate mobility of bicycles and pedestrians.

Muppa’s Indraprastha is a luxurious gated community with more than 300 villas that are designed in 300 and 235 square yard plots. The design includes over 36 acres of the land area reserved for providing unique amenities such as

  • Parks and gardens with seating area
  •  Playground.
  • Jogging Tracks
  • Swimming Pool and jacuzzi
  • 36000 sq. ft. clubhouse
  • Indoor and outdoor gym.
  • Skating rink
  • Basketball court
  • Soccer, badminton and tennis courts
  • Play area and sandpit, and more.

The villas are designed in such a way that they integrate with the natural surroundings and provide a peaceful and serene environment.

Muppa’s Indraprastha is specially designed to include central gardens that are not only beneficial for the health and well-being of the residents but also add to the aesthetic appeal of the villa community.

The central parks of Muppa’s Indraprastha help residents in the following ways:

  • It is easily accessible by all the residents.
  • It provides health benefits due to the presence of medicinal plants.
  • The greenery serves as a retreat far away from the noise and pollution in the city.
  • It encourages you to lead an active lifestyle as there are walking tracks, indoor badminton courts, swimming pool, basketball, football, lawn tennis, indoor and outdoor gym.
  • Designated play areas for children, walking tracks and seating areas for elders form a part of community living.
  • It promotes social well-being and inculcates a sense of togetherness among residents.
  • The well-designed lawns and gardens are the places where you can celebrate festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi and conduct parties for a birthday, anniversary, New Year and so on.
  • The children enjoy playing outside with their friends and learn to socialise, practice and participate in performances during cultural events.
  • Central gardens encourage children to play cricket, football, basketball, tennis, kabaddi, badminton, or swim.
  • The common areas are safe due to 24/7 surveillance. Even playing in the garden inside the community is safe.
  • The central gardens preserve the natural environment and reduce air pollution.
  • The health benefits of central gardens are as follows; increase in daily activity levels of residents, improves their general health and wellbeing, reduce stress levels, and reduce depression.
  • The trees and plants in the central gardens are cost-effective measures to reduce air pollution and stormwater runoff.
  • Research reports confirm that some of the medicinal plants in the gardens purify the air and improve air quality in the building.

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By: Lotus Tech