All You Need to Know about Smart Home and It’s Advantages

home automation is used to remotely control electrical switches and appliances with your smartphone, tablet or remote control. for example, you can program, manage and operate your devices such as lights, fans, air-conditioners, geysers, refrigerator, television, washing machine, dishwasher, and so on.

why should you buy a smart home?

the home automation products are useful because it lets you monitor and control devices even when you are not at home. the home automation products are top-rated due to its usefulness and affordability.

let’s find out the uses of home automation.

you can monitor and operate the switches and appliances from anywhere. you can track the real-time status of the devices. if you’ve not switched off any appliance while leaving your home, you can now turn it off from your office or workplace.

how do you do it?

home automation system connects various appliances where you can operate them using your smartphone.

you can turn it on / off using your phone.

you can group different devices such as lights in the house that can be switched off together. it is beneficial for senior citizens, who find it difficult to get up and switch off the lights before going to bed.

alternatively, even switch it on when they want to get up. even though the light switches are accessible and close to the bed, we mostly leave the light switched on during the night in case there are elders at home to help them navigate their way during the night. by using home automation systems, you can save energy and reduce the recurring cost.

when you go on vacation, you can switch on the lights in the corridors of your house. without home automation, we rely on neighbours or friends to switch it on. you can also install security cameras and monitor your house remotely when you are away on vacation.

hallmark’s vicinia has installed cctv in corridors and landscaped areas that are connected to the central security hub. there is 24/7 security surveillance in the building.

typically, home automation products have a feature where you can program or schedule the appliance to start or switch off at a particular time or based on certain conditions. for example, you can switch on the air-conditioner just before you return home, or close the window blinds during the day, or turn on the geyser so that your hot water is ready even before you get up.

smart door locks help to prevent unauthorized access to your house when you are away. the smart locks that give access through fingerprints, smart codes, and so on can be installed to protect your house from burglars. in most cases, these can be integrated with your devices that only you can access remotely.

earlier, though home automation products were available, they were quite expensive. however, due to an increase in demand, there are new home automation products that are also affordable. you can pick and choose them based on your needs and requirements.

hallmark’s vicinia gated community apartment that has excellent amenities that you have always wished for. home automation is one of their unique offerings.

let’s find out how home automation is useful and why you must buy a home that has home automation.


automatic locks prevent unauthorized access to your apartment.

every apartment in hallmark’s vicinia has a sip video door phone. the door phone is connected to the central security management hub of the building.

a video door phone lets you see the visitor before letting them inside the building. you can directly communicate with the central security management hub before allowing access to anyone. it helps you to protect your loved ones and creates a safe atmosphere even when you are not at home.


you can use your personal handheld devices to connect to the electrical systems in the house.

it will help you switch on / off the lights and appliances when they are not in use remotely. it will reduce energy costs and save energy.

smart features

the building management system has smart features such as a building management system, rfid vehicle management system, home automation, lighting management system, and so on.

in addition to providing a centrally accessible maintenance and control, it also increases safety and security inside the gated community.


the central security management hub can connect to individual apartment units via sip video door phone. the cctv in corridors and landscaped gardens help in monitoring the common areas, hallways, and other isolated areas in the building. there is 24/7 security surveillance to ensure security inside the building.

energy efficiency

the home automation system is designed to save energy and reduce the cost of utilities.

the building management is centrally controlled and monitored to reduce energy usage in the building. the electrical, gas and water equipment are used efficiently.

the lighting management system centrally controls the lights in common areas. it helps you save energy and reduce electricity cost.

therefore, hallmark’s vicinia is designed to promote energy efficiency.

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by: lotus tech