Best Design Tips for Elderly - Friendly Home

Best Design Tips for Elderly - Friendly Home

In recent years, the proportion of older people living in nursing homes has been declining. This is because most people prefer to live their retirement life in their own houses or apartments in Hyderabad with the family. A Home designing with assisted care helps your elder parents to stay comfortably. Look at the below tips for creating a friendly environment at the home for the elderly people. 


When a certain age comes, the elder parents cannot have the energy to use the common things that are used daily in the home. For the comfort of elder parents fix a lever handle tap in the kitchen and a pull-out flexible hose that can be extended. Use the induction cooker hob in the kitchen for cooking instead of a gas cooker hob to get rid of future dangers.


Build cupboards at a proper height in bedrooms which are easily used by older people. Fix two-way electric switches with a maximum height in the rooms of elder parents. These 2way switches should be placed near their bed and near the entrance of the bedroom. So, they can operate the room lights easily, mainly when they use the washroom at night time.

Living Room

A home with large living rooms helps the elder parents to stay freely. Remove objects that are placed in the middle of the home or in the entrances, which can harm them. If your grandparents or elders in the house have a hearing problem then ensure to fix visual doorbells consisting of vibration or lighting for easy recognition of people. 


The bathrooms of your home are the most accident-prone areas for the elderly. Install things such as taps with lever handles, adding grab bars next to the toilet, anti-skid bath mats, keeping soaps and towels accessible to ensure safety. To make things simpler, use handheld showerheads in the bathrooms of elder parents.  


Good lighting is one of the essential senior citizen house design. Designing a room for the elderly with bright lights helps them to avoid sudden falls and bumps. Install adequate lighting in some places like staircases, kitchens, closets, hallways, and doorways for easy accessibility of elder parents in the house.


The floor of the house should be clean and kept dry to avoid accidents by slipping. It is important to make floors slip-resistant by adding non-skid mats. Avoid using reflective surfaces such as marble, granite, or glazed tiles, especially in bathrooms as they could be dangerous when they get wet. 


The sliding doors for the house are easily accessible by older people. The doors with push-pull mechanisms and lever handles can be easy for the elders to turn a doorknob. Use the mid-tone colour to the doors of the house to contrast with the walls and skirting. Make sure to have a dark colour to the door frames and architraves to help define surface junctions and openings while contrasting with floors, walls, and doors.

How to Adapt the Home to the Elderly?

It is essential to modify the house with which the elder parents can feel more comfortable and perform much of the household works more naturally and without barriers in between. This process necessarily involves installing a series of specialized instruments, devices and furniture that allows them to face the house with more flexibility. Not only it will help them lead a more comfortable life, but it will make them not to depend on other people. So, in this way, their level of self-esteem is enhanced by having a better quality of life. It will be essential to promote social relations with children, grandchildren and their friends, for this condition the rooms in the house so that they can achieve their goals. 

At this point, it will not be necessary to decide to reform the house in those elements in which they are required. One of the most important parts is cleaning since it is where they perform all their hygiene tasks and spend a good part of their time. To make this part of the house more habitable for the elderly, the first step that will have to be taken will be to put a non-slip floor. In this way, the bases will be laid to reduce and minimize possible falls. It will be complemented with the placement of a shower tray in place of the bathroom, which is much more comfortable and hygienic and provides greater security for cleaning tasks.

Another of the measures that provide excellent efficiency and that will have to be undertaken is the installation of handles. Not only in the shower, but also near bathrooms. It will be very simple to place it and will provide you with greater confidence whenever they need to go to those rooms.

Four Benefits of Better Home Conditioning for Elder Parents

Designing a home in an elder-friendly way helps the elder parents increase their quality of life that is reflected in their happiness such as

  • They show higher physical activity in their daily tasks since the fear of certain actions is considerably reduced. They will be more active and with more excellent social communication, which affects a notable increase in their well-being and satisfaction.
  • Obtain greater confidence in the domestic tasks they carry out daily and, in this way, can maintain greater autonomy and independence from others to the point that they will be better able to face their lives with greater optimism and enthusiasm.
  • It avoids a series of injuries that have an impact on them being able to enjoy a better state of health. Also, from the emotional point of view, this is reflected in that they consider more positive feelings since they get out of bed in the morning.
  • In any case, it should be noted that a modified house allows the removal of a good part of the barriers that make it impossible for senior citizens to be able to cope with more agility in their domestic environment.

Bottom Line

Create an elder-friendly environment for your elder parents or grandparents who are getting on in years. Install things and store items at an appropriate height that are easily accessible by them. A home in Hyderabad with comfortable interior design for the elderly allows them to retain their independence and dignity daily. Easy accessibility in the house helps to improve their morale and reduces the possibility of depression. Also, the people who are busy with their daily schedules or job can lead a relaxed life by designing a home in an elder-friendly way.

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By: Shailaja K