Top 8 Affordable Eco-friendly Home Decor Ideas for a Healthy Living

Everyone loves to have a beautiful home for themselves, as it fills your living space with positive energy. Home renovation is somewhat a tiresome task, but it need not be expensive since one can choose an eco-friendly home decor idea. Although we live in the modern age, many still have a never-ending desire to do good things for the planet. 

Lately, energy-efficient, recyclable, and sustainable products are getting popular since we all want to pass on a healthy environment for our future generation. Eco-friendly living room decor ideas are not only good for the planet but also are pocket-friendly. Here we discuss some of the eco-friendly home decor ideas that can create a huge difference in renovating your home while benefiting your health:

Go Green with Plants

Plants are one of the foremost features to decorate your house in an eco-friendly manner. They add an extremely charming view and might be paired up with varied things. One of the best wall decor ideas is that they can also be fitted at anyplace. Plants are an excellent source of oxygen suppliers, they can make you feel renewed and rejuvenate without any need for extra efforts. You can use your recent discarded stuff and turn them to colourful pots. Fill your kitchen with different herb plants that you normally use in your cooking.  It will add a freshness to your palette while promoting better health.

Imperishable Furniture

Instantly, wooden furniture is one of a classy eco-friendly home decor ideas that can lift up any kind of home. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, or huge cabinets to fill your living space. You can be confused about how switching to wood furniture can be eco-friendly as you are perishing trees. But it's not the case since whenever you buy wood furniture for your home, search for reclaimed timber, teak, and Oak. As these woods are sustainable and lower your environmental impact. And reclaimed wood takes very fewer resources and much budget-friendly.

Lighten Up the Candles

Candles fill up any space with an awe-inspiring atmosphere. They are well-known to soothe, healing capabilities and rejuvenate themselves with their aromatic fumes. Always choose for natural homemade candles as eco-friendly home decor ideas and stay away from harmful paraffin ones that emit toxic elements ruining the environment. Opt for natural ones like Soya and bee wax candles. They may be expensive but you light longer and you can also recycle the leftovers in any old glass container to make brand new ones.

Decorate with Thermal Curtains

If you are getting worried about your rooms getting overheated, then thermal curtains will be lifesaver invest for you. Although thermal curtains may be costly than the normal ones, they help you save energy while cutting down power consumption. Thinking how? Well! Thermal curtains restrict the heat to pass through them. So during tough summer times, you can use them to keep the heat out and conserve air conditioner power. In winter, thermal curtains help to maintain the room temperature.

Eco-friendly Paints

To transform your home into an eco-friendly home needs healthy and thoughtful decisions. The merchandise, we decide to bring into our homes build a sway on our quality of life whether or not we all know it or not. Toxic interior paints are merely the culprits behind several common problems that will have an effect on the environment too. Most of the paints offered within the market embrace high VOC content and such paints shouldn't be used. Replace them with eco-friendly paints that don’t contain harmful chemicals or gases to save on health bills.

Remove Carpets

Avoid carpets as they are packed with hazardous chemicals and pollutants, it is not only harmful to nature but releases all types of poisons into your home throughout its period. Carpet is extremely vulnerable to allergens like moulds and mud mites. Additionally, as most carpets are factory-made synthetically, even the foremost of them solely last around a decade. For an eco-friendly home decor ideas exchange your synthetic carpets with jute, wool carpets, but comparatively, it may be costly. In contrast to carpets, flooring like hardwood and tiles will last multiple generations. 

Conserve on Appliances

Replace obsolete appliances with Energy Star-labeled models, which are a lot of energy-conserving than customary versions. Qualified compact fluorescent light-weight (CFL) and light-emitting diodes (LED) bulbs dissipate to less energy than regular incandescent bulbs and last up to 10 times longer saving you on new one's installation cost. Install motion sensors and programmable thermostats that activate lights and heating systems as per your need. Use solar enabled appliances to conserve energy eco-friendlily.

Recycled Storage Options

We all can use some extra storage space. Instead of investing in whole new furniture for costly eco-friendly home decor ideas, you can just turn old ones to storage spaces. Eco-friendly storage solutions are practical and supply an excellent place to ‘stash’ all the things and will additionally contribute to the design and feel of your home too. Stash bags, baskets, or bowls will look pretty on a sideboard, hall table or chest of drawers to store your daily necessary things. You can also use sturdy cardboard boxes, which are bio-degradable to store your long-used things.

Wrapping Up

The environment decides the future of mankind, we need to do the best things possible to protect it for our children. Nowadays, it is vital to search out ways to "go green home decor ideas" whenever we get a chance to do so. Our natural resources are exceedingly limiting, and for that reason, we want to look for methods to avoid wasting. Use the above room decor ideas whenever you need a makeover of your home while contributing your share to preserve our planet.

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