Attractive Diwali decoration ideas for your home

Attractive Diwali decoration ideas for your home

Diwali is traditionally celebrated as a family and power of light over darkness, sure most of you are as excited. Diwali, known as the festival of light. People want this festival to be grandiose and luxurious.

Many of these decorating ideas will address how to Lighten your home with bright light: not only with diyas, but with other decorative items, too. 

Decorating with Diyas

Lighting diyas is one of the most important part of this festival celebration. According to legend, the people in Ayodhya illuminate their land with small earthen oil lamps to welcome Lord Rama and celebrate his ransom from his wife Sita from the custody of Ravana.

Traditionally, diyas are brown clay lamps that use cotton wicks and Ghee or oil to light houses in Diwali. But over time, the diyas have evolved from traditional objects to works of art. Today, many different types of Diyas are sold in the market, in many colors, styles and sizes. 

Today, more and more people are discovering ways to improve their decorations. Before, the diyas were limited to floors, tables and plates. But now, you can make them float in a bowl full of water, adorned with flowers. 

During the Diwali festival, you see each house with rangoli in their entrances or porches. It is believed that the Goddess of Beauty and Wealth visits homes in Diwali. People adorn their Entries with rangoli as a gesture of welcome to the Goddess. Rangolis are often decorated with small lamps and candles. 

A full plate with flowers of different colors can be made even more beautiful with candles. To make an extra-beautiful you can combine all the above ideas into one. Wall hangings also to illuminate a corner of the house, along with this rangoli. 

By:  Shailaja K