Create an incredible Diwali festival atmosphere in your home

Festival arrived and your home needs to be set in the purest devotional spirit so that let's make some attractive atmosphere where it will stay in your home and for the rest of your family.

Range of colors

First, you must choose one or two main colors that create a festive atmosphere in your home: A classic combination of white and gold, red and green or the priceless lilac and orange - it's up to you.

Add lighting

The special lamps will warm your home and warm it.

Decorate the doors

The doors between rooms can become magical places if you decorate with a variety of flowers. Sometimes it is good to add a combination of garlands and lights, as well as decorative elements. That way you get that touch you need at home with a festival atmosphere loaded with pure simplicity.

Make a festive table

You should not only think about the time of the banquet but also the day to day, so you must have a table decorated for the occasion. 

Renew your textile

Any room will be different and you will see with different eyes if you completely change, your textile for a festive motif. Cushions, blankets, carpets ... maybe, between them, you find something that you wanted to renew.

Take advantage of the hall

The hallway is the least popular place for festive decor, but it can be very productive. Look how original it can look if you dare to decorate the ceiling or walls. You will surprise both those who live at home and your guests.

Put the Diwali wreath

You can locate clay lamps, both inside and outside. No guest will pass by without looking. It is the beginning and the end with which you will stay when you enjoy your home loaded with such good festival days with attractive sensations.

 By:  Shailaja K