Top 7 Vastu Tips for Your Kitchen

Top 7 Vastu Tips for Your Kitchen

Vastu is the ancient Indian science that governs the building construction, architecture, and layout of the house. The interaction between the building, the occupant, the builder, and the environment form the basis of rules given in Vastu Shastra. Nowadays many people prefer to buy Vastu compliant homes for happy living. Keeping this in view many reputed builders are constructing plenty of houses and apartments for sale in Hyderabad with Vastu.

The kitchen is one of the main areas of the home. It is the place where families interact, catch up, and where the best meals are prepared. Follow the Feng Shui key points to turn your kitchen into a harmonious and positive place. According to Feng Shui tips, the design of the kitchen is essential for your health and well-being. Since it helps to create spaces with good energy, which at the same time are a reflection of your personality.

Look at the below Vastu tips for the kitchen to bring positive energy to your house.

Entrance of Kitchen

The main door of the kitchen should be in the middle of the room, and it should not be at any corner of the room. The east, north, and west directions are good for the entrance of the kitchen. The main door of the kitchen should not face the main door of your house. As per the Vastu, you have to place your door in east, north, and west directions of the kitchen room bring positive energy.

Direction of Stove

As per the Vastu, the direction of the kitchen should be in the south-east corner of the house. The cooking should be made facing east direction to attract positive energy in your home. The gas stove signifies fire, and it should be placed where the Lord of the fire remains. Place your gas stove in the south-east direction and a few inches away from the wall. The correct placement of the stove offers you to attract positive energy in that room.

Placing of Fridge

Many homes have a fully equipped kitchen with modern appliances like oven, microwave, mixer-grinder, etc. The L-shaped platform in the kitchen would help to place electrical appliances. The fridge is one of the main appliances used in the kitchen and as per Vastu, it can be placed in the south-east, north, south, and even west directions. Ensure not to place the refrigerator in the south-west and north-east direction.


Having windows in the east corner of the kitchen is very important for ventilation and comfortable cooking. The morning sun rays from the windows of the kitchen brighten up the room, provide excellent ventilation, and also they reduce the use of electricity. Install exhaust fans in the southern direction of your kitchen to get rid of the unwanted odour that might harm your appetite. According to Vastu, these things make your meal a delightful experience.

Water Elements

The Vastu norms say that the fire element and water element should not be placed parallel to each other as they are opposing elements. Ensure to have a washbasin or sink platform should be in the north-east corner and away from the stove. Vastu says the Lord of fire stays in the south-east direction and stoves are placed in this direction only. The water elements like the sink, taps, filters, pitcher, etc. should be placed in the north-east part of the kitchen.

Type of Flooring

According to Vastu, the floor of the kitchen can be in ceramic tiles, mosaic, or marble. You can keep the flooring colour neutral with shades like white, pale light brown and so on. As far as It is better to choose ceramic tiles as they are mostly scratch proof and last longer than other flooring tiles. But the floors of the kitchen should not be black in colour. The environment of the kitchen should be clean to bring positive energy to your house.

Specific Colors

According to Vastu, there are some specific colours that maximize the positive energies flow in the kitchen. The colours that can be painted in the kitchen room include yellow, orange, rose, chocolate, or red. These colours denote freshness, positivity, and good health. Paint the walls of the kitchen as per the Vastu, and these colours bring an attractive look. Using the right colours to invite positive energy in your kitchen.

The kitchen is one of the main places which help in balancing the flow of positive energy and well being of family members. You have to always maintain your kitchen clean, especially at night wash all your utensils as, unclean utensils attract flies and unwanted diseases. Follow the above tips to lead a healthy and prosperous life.

Is Vastu Important for Happy Living?

Following Vastu rules make you lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. Experts say that Vastu is the identified science that handles nature and forces to work to support us for healthy and happy living — so following the Vastu directions for all rooms in your house where you live. They advise that kitchen should not face in the south-east direction because with the southwest winds there is a chance to increase the fire which may be harmful. The bedroom should be in the south-east direction of the house as it was the place where everyone spends time to relax. So placing the direction of the rooms in the house make you stay happy and healthy.

To construct the house in a perfect way, Vastu measure the degree of wind, rainfall, sun rays, and sunset.  For example, if you buy a house in Hyderabad facing north direction, then the harmful UV rays from the sun affect the entrance, which results in the decrease of members of the house and guests assemble. Likewise, a house with east-facing allows morning sun rays which have heavy vitamins and benefit the residents to stay healthy life. The ancestors have introduced a clever set of principles as Vastu to offer a better living for everyone as it was not superstition and pseudoscience. 

What are the Benefits of Vastu Principles?

Below are some of the benefits of Vastu Shastra to attain a healthy and prosperous life:

 Attract More Wealth

Good health and wealth make you lead a happy life. Money facilitates in getting everything that is available for happy living. Buying a home with Vastu attracts money and positive energy into your home. Following the Vastu rules make you have a  regular growth of the wealth in your home.

Produces Financial Security

If you have a business and finance is the most important part of every business. A perfect Vastu in your office attracts the best investor from markets, banks, firms and companies. You can get secured and productive results in your company by following the right principles of Vastu.

Provides New Opportunities

Vastu rules help you to get rid of all hurdles and if you not have any job or want to develop it also helps to get a work that suits your skills and knowledge. Following the principles of Vastu in life helps you to see good results and grow in future.

Keep Your relationships Strong

A home is a place where family members live with love and relationships for happy living. It is certified that a Vastu based home helps in improving the bondings and healthy relationships in the family members.

Delivers Happiness

The cause of endless happiness lies within you only, but due to external environmental factors, you are not able to feel happiness. A home with Vastu rules creates good surroundings that connect you to enjoy the life to fullest. 

Vastu is an art of improving your spiritual knowledge to live in perfect harmony with nature’s five elements like fire, air, water, earth, and space. You can enjoy the peaceful and blissful living experience in life by following them in the correct way. Buying a home with perfect Vastu and organising things with Vastu rules ensure free-flow supply of the positive energy throughout the home and helps you to lead a harmonious life. 

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By: Shailaja K