Quick and Easy Vastu Remedies for New Home

Quick and Easy Vastu Remedies for New Home
09:32 AM 30 Jan 2019

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science that prescribes rules to be followed while building a house. These rules are based on science and use mathematical calculations. They are widely followed during the construction of a home and has its origins that date back to thousands of years.

Why is it so popular?

Vastu Shastra practice tells you the best way to live in harmony with nature. It is believed that the powerful cosmic energy originates from the centre of your home. It seeks to bring an agreeable connection between the dweller and the dwelling.

Vastu principles are used to evaluate and find the right house for you. The most important things that should not be overlooked as per Vastu are as follows:

The direction of the rooms

Vastu uses the eight compass directions to determine the placement and architecture and the five elements of nature such as fire, water, air, earth, and space to attract positive energy into your home.

A directional grid with the ruling dieties for each of the eight directions and the centre tells you how to use the space in a room and suggests the most suitable direction to keep furniture, gadgets and other utilities.



                         Master Bedroom

                          Southwest or South

                       Children’s Bedroom

                           West or South

                       Guest Bedroom


                    Living Room / Drawing Room

                          North or East or Centre


                         Southeast or Northwest

                     Puja and Study



                          West or South


                       Southwest, South or West

                  Balcony or open terrace

                       North, East or Northeast

Pooja room

The pooja room is an integral part of most Indian homes. As per Vastu Shastra, the pooja room must be designed such that the idols or photographs must be facing west and not north. So, you will face the east direction while praying. The pooja room must have a pedestal, and the idols must not be broken.  If there is no space for a pooja room, you can combine it with the study room.


The kitchen should be to the southeast direction.

As per Vastu Shastra, the cooking platform must be on the eastern wall, and the gas stove must be placed on the south-east side so that the cooking is done facing east. Any electrical gadgets such as microwave, oven, and heater must be placed in the southeast part of the kitchen. The refrigerator and cabinets such as kitchen storage must be on the northwest side of the kitchen.


As per Vastu Shastra, the master bedroom should be in the southwest direction.

It is a place where you rest and rejuvenate yourself. The headboard of your bed should be to the south or west direction while sleeping. Heavy wardrobes and furniture should be on the south or west wall.

The mirror in your bedroom should be on the north or east wall and must not overlook the bed. The electrical appliances such as television, air conditioners must be kept in the southeast corner of the room.

Main door

The main door is usually the largest door of the house and must be in the north, east or northeast direction. The door must be fitted with hinges and should open inside the house. It should not creak during opening or closing. 

Here is the list of items that help to create positive energy without making too many structural changes:


Plants inside your home not only improve air circulation but also creates a soothing and vibrant environment. Caring for plants and watering them makes you happier and stress-free. Some of the plants such as tulsi, snake plant, and money plants purify the air.

Vastu does not recommend plants such as cacti (with thorns) and bonsai (believed to hamper growth) inside your house. Also, do not keep the plants in the northeast corner of your home.


The paintings depicting a sunrise, birds, waterfall, and other scenic places are considered to create the required balance in your home. Therefore, Vastu Shastra recommends them. While paintings depicting sadness and devastation must be avoided.


Vastu Shastra recommends placing the mirror on the walls that face north or east. And the mirror must be placed at the height of 4 to 5 ft above the ground. The mirror in your bedroom should not be placed directly in front of the bed.

Water fountain

Water is believed to be soothing and cures illness. Therefore, Vastu Shastra recommends that water fountain or an aquarium placed in the north, east or northeast direction is a great addition to your home.


A well-lit home brings warmth, brightness, and happiness. Use natural light, artificial light, and also lamps, and candles to light up your home. Bright living areas make you happy and drives away loneliness and sorrow from your home.

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By: Lotus Tech