20 Vastu Tips To Invite Health And Wealth In 2019

20 Vastu Tips to Invite Health and Wealth in 2019

While decorating your home, consider the following Vastu tips to bring health, wealth, and happiness into your home.


Vastu Tips for the main entrance are:

  • A well-lit, bright entrance brings in positive energy to your home. It creates a first and lasting impression whenever someone visits your home. Maintain a neat foyer, and ensure that there are no hindrances such as shoes blocking the way.
  • The main door is the largest door in the house, and usually in the north, east, or northeast direction.
  • The Vastu experts recommend placing the doors and windows in specific directions to improve health, wealth, and overall wellbeing and happiness.

Doors and Windows

Some Do’s and Don’ts are given below:

  • The main door is larger than the other doors. It must face east, north or northeast direction.
  • The main door is a two-shuttered door with hinges that don’t make noise during opening or closing. It should open inside the house.
  • Vastu experts also suggest that you must have an even number of doors and windows. The doors other than the main door must be of equal size and are smaller than the main door.
  • The windows are placed opposite to the doors so that there is the fresh air and sunlight improves natural ventilation in the house. All the windows must be symmetrical in shape and proportionate in height. 
  • Vastu experts suggest that windows in the east improve health and if placed in the north, brings prosperity.


Plants create a soothing and relaxed environment and give you fresh air. They absorb pollution and improve the air around you.

Nurturing plants and gardening improve your health and well-being. By adding indoor plants into your home decor, breaks the monotony inside your home.

Plants recommended by Vastu experts are:

  • Tulsi plant gives oxygen throughout the day, and it has medicinal properties that can cure a common cold, and allergies in both children and adults. It is also considered a sacred plant and is worshipped in many households. 

As per Vastu, the tulsi plant must be kept in the north, east or northeast direction of the house.

  • Vastu experts recommend Bamboo plant as it brings in luck, fame, wealth, and peace to your home. Place the yellow-tinted bamboo bark in the east or southeast corner of the house.
  • If you plant the banana tree in the northeast corner of your backyard, you will be healthy, relaxed and happy.
  • The money plant is a creeper that brings prosperity and wealth if you place it in the southeast corner of your house.
  • A neem tree in the northwest corner of your house improves health as it has medicinal properties.

Some additional points about plants as per Vastu:

  • Vastu does not allow cactus and other thorny plants as they bring in negative energy.
  • By decorating your house with real plants instead of plastic flowers, you can improve the air quality inside your home.
  • Clean and uproot all the dead plants and trees in front of your house.
  • The next time you’re planning to pot some plants and trees around your home, do not forget to check out these handy tips. These Vastu friendly plants can bring a fresh change to your home, and who knows maybe to your inner well-being as well!

Pooja room

Vastu tips to design your pooja room so that you can get peace and happiness are as follows:

  • Direction - The direction of the pooja room is very crucial. A north-east facing pooja room will give you lots of positive energy as it can harness the energy from the sun. The pooja room should be bright and well-ventilated.
  • Meditative space - A pooja room is not only a sacred space but also helps you get into a meditative state. You can sit and meditate for a long time in a bright and well-ventilated pooja room.
  • Idol placement - The idols must be placed a few inches away from the wall and above the ground. Making a rangoli and lighting a lamp every day both in the morning and evening is required to make it look beautiful and sacred.
  • Doors - A low ceiling, two-doors and a pyramid-shaped top are some of the popular pooja room designs.  It creates a positive atmosphere to slip into a meditative state very quickly. All pooja rooms have a threshold to keep out insects and ants from entering the pooja room.
  • Storage in a pooja room - The books, lamps, incense sticks, matchbox, and other things required to do pooja are stored in a box or cabinet that is below the idol. The storage cabinet should not obstruct the sunlight and must face the south-east direction.
  • Clean and dust-free pooja room - Ensure that you periodically clean the pooja room, idols, and other articles so that it is clean and dust-free always.

According to Vastu Shastra, pooja rooms should always harness a multitude of energies through mandir design and direction.


Decorative mirrors not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but are also required to maintain positivity in your house.

Vastu experts recommend placing mirrors at least four or five feet above the ground. It must be placed on the walls that face east or north. Avoid keeping mirrors directly in front of the bed in the bedrooms.

Clean Homes

A clean home helps maintain the flow of energy. It pays to clean your doors, windows, remove cobwebs, clean the ceiling fans, kitchen, cupboards and wardrobes. A dust-free and clean home attract positive energy into your home.

Direct Sunlight

A well-lit airy home brings in enough sunlight so that you don’t have to use electrical lights to brighten your home. You also get vitamin D from the sun that improves your health. Sunlight kills all the germs and creates a positive atmosphere. Light up your home with sunlight.


Vastu experts recommend placing an aquarium in the north-east or SE direction of the living room. An aquarium that has colour fishes is expected to calm your senses and relieve stress.

Wind chimes

When the wind blows, the chimes create a sound that is soothing and relaxing. Vastu experts recommend using wind chimes to correct the flow of energy. While eight-rod wind chime brings luck, the five-rod wind chime cures illness and helps maintain peace. Exact placing of the wind chimes is known to benefit the householder. Metal wind chimes must be kept in the north or west direction. While the wooden wind chimes must be kept in the east or south direction.

Water fountain

The sound of water is soothing. It improves your health and relaxes you. Adding a water fountain in the north, east, or northeast of your home keeps the energy flowing in the right direction and alleviates tension in your home.

For positive and happy vibes, most Indian homes today are being constructed and designed according to the rules of Vastu Shastra.

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