Right Colors According To Vastu For Happy Home

Choose The Right Colors According To Vastu For Happy Home

Vastu is an ancient Indian science that details rules to be followed while designing your house.

By complying to the Vastu rules, it is believed that you can lead a happy and peaceful life.

One such rule states that the colours you choose to paint your room in plays a crucial role in balancing your body, mind, and spirit.

Let’s find out which colours are ideal for your home.

For the living room, use light colours such as white, florals on white, cream, and light pink. These neutral shades create a calm and relaxed atmosphere in your living room. Contrast it by using dark colours to furnish your living room. The combination will add the right balance and bring in an aesthetic appeal to your living room.

For the dining room, use colours such as yellow, peach, light orange, and saffron. Vastu experts consider these colours conducive for assimilation and digestion.

And for the kitchen, use bright colours such as light scarlet red, peach, green, brown, orange, and brick orange.

For the child’s room, use light green or light yellow as these colours are bright and bring joy, clarity, and are best to enhance your child’s personality.

For the master bedroom, choose rose pink, mauve, gold or light brown. Keep bright yellow or red lampshades in the south-west corner.

Try to avoid dark shades or use it only on statement walls sparingly. Use bright colours to make you cheerful and happy.

For the porch, you can use white or yellow colour.

Choose colours wisely as they influence your health, happiness, and well-being.

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By: Lotus Tech