beware of these additional expenses when buying a house in india

Beware Of These Additional Expenses When Buying A House In India

When you own a home, it instills a typical sense of independence and security in you; you won't have to pay rent for accommodation anymore, but you should always be aware that there still are hidden costs in the bargain. 

Your broker or property-agent may not be very explicit on this subject. Always be wary of these hidden charges when buying a house because these will inflate your final bill, and it might not fit into your budget. 

It is best not to let the owner or your property-agent fool you. Ask yourself what are the extra charges when buying a house in India. There are always charges that are levied that may not be apparent at first sight.

The hidden charges when buying a house are listed below:  

  • GST: One of the extra charges that you are going to have to pay includes the fact that you will have to shell out some money to compensate for what was paid as GST by the builder. The builder did pay some money as GST. He may not cite it in his initial offer, his quotation may not include the sum he paid as GST, and this is going to make his quotation appear quite insignificant, but you should be prepared to bear some additional expenses when buying a house.
  • Stamp Duty: Stamp duty is something that registers a house finally in your name. You have to give this money to the state government to get this done. The amount varies in different states, ranging from 5 to 7 percent of your house's final cost. The figure seems insignificant, but it can make a relevant difference adding to the hidden costs of buying a house.
  • Amenities Fee/ Society Security Deposits: Society maintenance charges vary from society to society. The figure isn't usually cited in the cost, but it does make up the final bargain. They include charges of having security guards in the society, maintenance of roads within the housing-society, maintenance of parks and lawns, maintenance of lighting fixtures, and it can also include club membership. Be sure you are aware of all these before you go ahead and foot the final bill.
  • Broker's Fee: You shall have to give a small percentage of your house's cost to your broker too. Be sure to know all fees associated with buying a house before you go for one. If you are going to buy a big house with some big money, it will mean quite a bit of money is to be paid out to your broker as brokerage.
  • Cost of Furniture: Buying a house always implies furnishing it too. If your broker is keen to deliver a furnished place to you, you should be careful to specify that you want a furnished one and be sure to spell out all the furniture you want in your house. You might be in for a surprise if you don't do this. You might find a house with luxurious furniture, which doesn't fit into your budget, and its cost is to be included in your final bill!!
  • Insurance charges: Anything can go wrong in your house. It might catch fire, your house might crumble down because of an earthquake, or you might find yourself dipping in flood-water one fine day. There is always some form of insurance cover to shield you from such accidents, and you are going to have to pay the premium for it. It may be a part of the final cost of buying a house in India, although the property-agent never talked of it. 
  • Bank Loan Formalities: These factors should be borne in mind, particularly if you will opt for a bank loan to buy a house. Your bank might levy a charge for inspecting your assets before it clears your loan, and it might transfer the charges to you without you knowing it.

Whether it be a flat or a house you buy, there are always some charges hiding behind a curtain. You should be wary of them. So, when you are about to set out a budget the cost breakup for the flat / house should include this. 

Your dream home is only a few Rupees away, but you should be wary of all the hidden costs involved in buying it. This isn't going to terrify you, but being aware of these costs will go a long way in deciding when and how to take the final plunge. Your dream home is only a few Rupees away, waiting for you with its arms open. You should make sure it is something quite like what you dreamt of. Begin with making sure its final cost fits into your budget.

To be precise, the final cost shouldn’t go above your budget. There are always some hidden costs involved when buying a house. This shouldn't terrify you, but being aware of these costs will go a long way in deciding when and how to take the final plunge. 

Your home is where your world is going to be.

Happy Buying!!