CDMA Telangana’s Official WhatsApp Account to Ease Property Tax Payments

CDMA Telangana’s Official WhatsApp Account to Ease Property Tax Payments

Telangana’s Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration (CDMA) has initiated a specialised WhatsApp channel to simplify the tax payment procedure for local citizens. This service is free of charge and also provides up-to-date information on taxes.

CDMA’s WhatsApp Chatbot Services

People can simply send a 'Hello' to CDMA, the official WhatsApp account of Telangana, on +91 9000 253342, to easily access these services and pay taxes conveniently via a debit card, credit card or web banking. The chatbot is currently available in English and Telugu and soon CDMA will add Urdu.

The 'CDMA, Telangana Tax Module' is an automated 'Chatbot' service that has made it possible for city officials to substitute visits and allow contactless transactions in the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic. The WhatsApp-based service will also boost tax collections massively.

KT Rama Rao, Telangana's Municipal and Urban Development Minister, stated that new citizen service on WhatsApp has already delivered positive results and feedback in line with their Digital Telangana initiatives. He thanked the team from WhatsApp for its assistance in the establishment of this service. In order to make these services resourceful to the public, the government is also planning to add more services to the WhatsApp chatbot on CDMA.

WhatsApp has increasingly become a favourite platform for conversations, not just between friends, business and customers, but between governments and citizens since the onset of the pandemic. Shivnath Thukral, Head of Public Policy, WhatsApp India expressed he was humbled to see how WhatsApp brings value to the country in a number of ways.

The CDMA, Telangana is also developing a WhatsApp service to support the payment of water charges and of other municipal services on a daily basis, such as the application for birth and death certificates, complaints, water links, building authorisations, trade licences, etc.

The WhatsApp-based channel offers citizens all the necessary information and a direct link to apply for these services online. The key information on the Covid-19 rollout of vaccines in Telangana will also be included at CDMA.

By: Shailaja K