DPMS Telangana to Ease Property Tax Assessment in Hyderabad

Regardless of a property, whether its a residential or commercial including the plots or lands, property tax is levied on all real estate assets. But, thanks to the new-aged technology, without any need to wait in long queues at the tax office, one can quickly pay property tax online. To speed up its process a bit more, a new initiative is being taken by GHMC, to incorporate building permission and property tax into Development Permission Management System (DPMS) Telangana. As per this move, property tax will be assessed, at the time of granting an occupancy certificate.

What is DPMS?

Development Permissions Management System (DPMS)' covers both building and design applications and land use modifications for digital storage. Since Jan 2016, HMDA using artificial intelligence has designed and implemented this software solution for residential buildings. After that, it is extended to commercial, institutional, multi-story buildings and also to mixed applications. DPMS facilitate transparency and agility in the procedure for layouts and NOC permissions, building permits, LRS/BRS applications to provide a better regulation for citizens.

How DPMS Telangana Will Speed up Property Tax Assessment in Hyderabad?

A new software tool will be developed to connect building permits and property taxes. The information will be shared on a single-window system, and the property tax will be assessed after the details have been submitted in the DPMS for construction approval. As at present, the city planning division issues the occupancy certificate. 

And there have been cases, where some houses have not been detected and been calculated for property tax. Then the revenue department discusses the property tax valuation process, which takes a great deal of time, as well as many reports about irregularities. To cut short on these, by integrating building permission and property tax in DPMS, the property tax will be calculated at the time of issuing the occupancy certificate. As a result, it will ensure the fast clearance and clarity in building plan approval applications

The new DPMS Telangana software would measure the property tax based on the region of plinth reported by the claimant in the report when a claim is filed. In contrast to the issuance of the Occupancy Certificate, it will accelerate property tax assessment. This new system is predicted to boost the municipality's income, as applications are handled much quicker and things are more straightforward for applicants.

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By Govi