How Smart Home Lighting Systems Save Energy

How Smart Home Lighting Systems Save Energy?

The growing development of technology, the Internet of Things and its application to different fields of activity have changed the living style and made people live more comfortable. Home automation consists of the use of technology for the automation of processes in different fields. It is applied in homes to improve and facilitate the work process, especially to save costs. Automate processes and functionalities at home are a trend adopted by many people to stay comfortably. The automate homes provide you to control the home appliances with the mobile phone such as turn the lights on or off, turn on the heating, turn on the oven, etc.

You can control all the appliances of your home via Bluetooth or the Internet from anywhere. The technology gets fully into home appliances to make life easier and accommodate indoor works to your needs. Nowadays with a hectic lifestyle living, many people are interested in buying a smart home for safety and comforts. To automate some domestic processes or tasks, you have to include some devices to the daily operation of the house. Acquiring a smart house in Hyderabad make you live a better lifestyle.

What is Home Automation?

Home automation is a set of techniques aimed at automating a home, which integrate technology into security systems, energy management, communications and issues related to home welfare and security. It works by collecting information from sensors or inputs, processing it and issuing orders to actuators or outputs, in this case, the appliances or devices that you want to automate. Letting technology take care of certain tasks can help you save energy and time while benefiting you with greater safety and comfort. The key is to start taking into account the “smart” factor in the technologies that you add to the house. That is, they can connect to the internet or interact with other devices.

How Does Home Automation Work?

Home automation integrates daily useful devices with its network of hardware, communication and electronic interfaces by each other through the internet. Every device in your home is connected through Wifi and sensors that make you control all your home appliances from your tablet or Smartphone if you are at home or at your workplace. For example: if you have forgotten to turn off lights and went out, then this network allows you to turn off lights by your Smartphone from the place where you are. Home automation system contains three factors include sensors, controllers, and actuators.

Sensors - Daylight and temperature changes can be monitored by sensors which help you to modify the settings of your house as per your needs through home automation.

Controllers - Controllers connects the devices like computers, tablets or to know the status of automated features in your home through messages.

Actuators - The actual mechanism or function of actuators like light switches, motors, or motorized valves are controlled and activated by remote control.

Are you thinking of installing smart lights in your home? Look at the below points to know the features, advantages, fixing the smart lights for convenient living.

Features of Smart Lights

Smart lighting provides convenience to set the things as per your requirement in many ways. Their smart features help you to lead a more comfortable and peaceful life. With installing smart lights, you can control lights dimming and colour temperature for single light or group of lights in your home. You can set the time of lights to turn on when you are at home and off when you go out. The lights of your home turn on automatically as you with your mobile are very near to reach the home.

You can also use smart lights in more innovative ways like as per the changing environment you can change different colour for the lights in your home by installing Philips Hue, it is a colour ambience smart bulbs. You can set the lightings of the house at random intervals with the use of vacation routines smart lighting even when you are not at home. You can automate both music and lighting at a time in your home, using the two-in-one globe and speaker smart lighting system.

How Choose Suitable Smart Lights to Home?

Many smart lights include equal standard remote dimming and light schedule features. You have to select the best as per your choice to look simple and beautiful. Some of the smart lights include Sengled Flex, Sengled Pulse, and Sengled Snap. The Sengled Flex smart bulb adds a modern style to your home its custom-made pendant horn light. Its minimalist design and streamlined outline with stylish silver finish bring a stylish and clean look that blends seamlessly into any contemporary interior decor.

Sengled Pulse offers seamless control of both light and sounds from your smartphone or tablet and spreads music throughout your house for more quality and balanced sound experience. Sengled Snap is a single wireless unit use in 2-way intercom functionality with an HD security camera inside a long-lasting LED floodlight. It helps you to lead a secured and tension free lifestyle.

Connecting Smart lights to Your Home

The two key things for connecting smart lights to your home are as follows.

Fit the Lights Physically

The new smart lights are connected in your home by regular Edison screw, bayonet cap and GU10 connector variants. The smart lights are more comfortable, and they are available with downlight conversion kits like the Sengled Pulse. To install smart lights safely in your home, you can take the help of a qualified electrician.

Connecting to Home Network

Smart lights in your home are connected through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. With the help of a smart light app on your phone or tablet, you can command the lights to turn on and off.

You have to consider the technology that is used for your smart home lights. For example: When you are far away from home, you cannot command smart lights as the smart lights need more range of Bluetooth. A Wi-Fi-enabled smart light can be managed from your phone through the internet even if you are at a long distance from your home.

Advantages of Smart Lights

Developments have brought humans close to technology and automation is one of the most significant advancement. The automation has been an achievable target because of Internet of Things (IoT). One of the outstanding advantages of this home automation system is that it is fully connected to your mobile, which allows controlling all your home appliances when you at home or away automatically. This system recognizes the presence of your command through mobile.

This system offers other more practical functions, for example, it allows you to program lights so that they turn off and on at certain times, simulate that there are people inside the house when you are on vacation, program lighting in the room of small children. This home automation system has evolved in such a way that it covers the handling of all household appliances and household items, you no longer need to click, everything is through the detection of your presence to know what you need.

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By: Shailaja K