How Smart Homes Shape the Future of Indian Realty?

Nowadays, everyone has become accustomed to high-speed transport, smartphones, and increasingly, more familiar with the concept of smart cities. Recently smart homes are advancing technologically by enormous steps. The smart houses are planned in an innovative way where the people residing in such homes can lead a comfortable lifestyle with its new concepts such as the Internet of things or home automation. Many reputed builders are constructing smart homes to suit the resident's lifestyle.

What is a Smart Home?

The concept of the smart home is based on having a set of systems that automate the facilities with the help of technology, giving never-ending comfort to the residents. A smart home is equipped with technology to remotely control and automate household systems like lighting, doors, thermostats, entertainment systems, security alarms, surveillance cameras, and other connected appliances. The smart homes help you to save energy and make you lead a more comfortable life. You can find a smart home in Hyderabad with quality facilities to lead a comfortable lifestyle.

Intelligent Construction and Automated Works

In a smart home, appliances, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting systems, security systems can be controlled remotely from any place with your computer or mobile phone. These integrated home automation systems control devices like humidity sensors, air quality probes, etc. They can turn your home into a digital home and contribute to the conservation of the limited resources by controlling the consumption of air conditioning systems, lighting, and water.

Currently, many of the home controllers have built-in monitoring systems through which they calculate and record the use of all connected devices, which provides the homeowner with greater knowledge and information to make changes based on the needs of every moment. This technology is attracting many buyers for its comfort and quality benefits compared to normal constructions. 

Benefits of a Smart Home 

The smart home takes advantage of automation technology and modern construction techniques to give owners a new level of control. Smart homes offer many advantages as shown in the below points.


Comfort is one of the preferred reasons to buy smart homes. These houses provide remote access to all the systems and equipment that are part of the facilities, including heating, cooling, ventilation, intercoms, music, and multimedia devices throughout the house. You can carry out all actions from the device automatically. 


Smart homes include advanced security systems with cameras or private security. Smart houses can also use access cards or fingerprint identification instead of conventional locks, which makes it difficult for anyone outside the home to enter. You can know what is happening in your home if you are not at your home smartly. 

Greater Accessibility

For elderly or disabled people, a smart home can have accessibility technologies. Voice command systems can control lights, close doors, operate a telephone, etc. Home automation allows a person to establish a schedule for automatic tasks, such as watering the lawn, eliminating the need to perform these tasks that require a lot of labour regularly.

Energy Efficiency

Smart homes offer greater energy efficiency. The lighting systems of a room can be controlled automatically for switching on and off using presence detectors. The air conditioning systems can be directed or programmed automatically or remotely depending on the needs and comfort of the users of the home.

Home automation is precisely a technology that allows the creation of automated controls for homes. Due to the construction of an automation system in the apartments or homes, a smart home can even be fully controlled by simply pressing a button. A home can be completely connected through a central controller, which makes it a smart home. Precisely, the central controller works inside a smart home as a kind of remote control. The user can activate or deactivate the various functions included in the system, like to control the use of light, ambient temperature, security system, and others. In short, when a home automation system is correctly applied, this system will be integrated without problems turning the home into a smart home, that is, automated and that works by itself.

Through the use of sensors located in strategic places of the home it not only provides real comfort to those who inhabit it, but also the Home automation serves the purpose of achieving greater efficiency in the use of household resources. By allowing us to automatically control issues such as avoiding the disproportionate use of energy, preventing excessive irrigation in the gardens, maintaining the room temperature constantly, a smart home also means a significant reduction in expenses. Also, a smart home continues to operate regardless of whether those who inhabit it are in the home or not.

We must not forget here that in addition to the savings that all this represents, home automation is also a way of having a platform that offers users the possibility of having a complete surveillance system, which provides a sense of security to who live in the house. On the other hand, the home automation system is an ideal platform for those people who have different disabilities, since they can control through this automation system different functions and actions that would otherwise be very difficult for them to perform. Of course, in addition to all these more than useful functions, a smart home also serves to give its users luxury, comfort and entertainment, which in the end can make people dependent on technology for routine tasks.

Why Buy Smart Homes?

Smart Homes are increasingly used because they aspire to achieve a way of life through innovative home control systems. They make living easier and more comfortable every day for those who are looking for maximum comfort. Smart homes consist of devices connected that you can activate or deactivate automatically from a distance or any room at home — programmable thermostats, leak detectors in the bathroom or kitchen faucets, electronic garden devices, etc. The latest development of Smart Homes is its simple operation through specific apps and mobile devices.

Functions of a Smart Home

Security Systems

Home automation can help you to make your home safer, and there are many options to achieve it. For example: In the case of robbery or fire, some of the devices can contact the police and send you a warning to your mobile. From placing an intelligent electronic lock, to deciding on a burglar alarm that will detect the presence of strangers, among other functions. Some devices warn of gas leaks, fire, floods, etc.

Automated Air Conditioning and Heating

Home automation also allows you to program the ideal temperature of your rooms individually, gaining comfort without wasting energy. It will also charge in connecting the air conditioner if it detects that it is excessive heat or the heating otherwise. It also plays with digital thermostats and intelligent energy regulators that can be coupled to any heating.

Operating Windows

A smart home takes full advantage of natural resources, such as sunlight. You can use home automation to regulate and control sun rays that can illuminate your rooms much better. If you operate blinds and covers, they will open and close when you decide to adapt to your habits, mislead potential intruders or coordinate with solar hours. Also, some devices will allow you to schedule the blinds to fold or unfold when needed.

Lighting and Smart Appliances

Enjoying home automation means controlling home lighting at all times, even if you are not. Use presence sensors so that the lights come on only when they notice that there is someone in the room. You have to install dimmers and handle smart bulbs with applications that are operated from the mobile. Home automation will also be your great associate in the kitchen if you put smart appliances in it with which you can interact by mobile. They are designed to make your life easier and save on energy consumption.

Technological Irrigation System

If you have a garden at home, it is very likely that you have an automated irrigation system. The idea of replacing it with intelligent models will offer you numerous advantages and functions that go beyond irrigation schedules, such as taking care of your lighting at the same time. In addition, the fact that they are connected to the internet allows them to collect all the meteorological information of interest and be able to control them from a mobile, a tablet or a laptop. It is possible to add sensors of all kinds such as soil moisture and rain, or water flow.

Keeping the needs of the buyers in view, many real estate builders are constructing a home that has smart technologies. Nowadays, with a busy life, many people are interested in buying a smart home for a comfortable, secure, and tension-free living. One can find smart houses or apartments for sale in Hyderabad at reasonable prices. To know more detailed information.

The main well-defined and priority benefits of a smart home are energy savings, security against theft, and control of all electrical components that are incorporated into the home. This technology can help people to facilitate their daily needs. Are you interested in buying a smart home in Hyderabad? Visit to find the best house that suits your requirements and lead a happy lifestyle.

By: Shailaja K