Top 7 Modest Feng Shui Tips for Your New Home

Top 7 Modest Feng Shui Tips for Your New Home

After buying a house, the essential task is the decoration of the place. It can be a bit confusing to know how to decorate your home because there is a constant change of trends in interior decoration. The famous Feng Shui helps to harmonize the spaces where you live, based on certain color characteristics, distribution of space, and objects. This ancient technique was born in China more than 3 thousand years ago and remains popular. 

According to Fen Shui, the buildings and environments in which you live have an important place in life, so it is important to follow the principles to attract positive energy. The ancient principles ensure that your home is an important element for your economy. While you are in a comfortable, safe, and nurturing place, you can focus more easily on what you want and achieve your goals. 

To understand how through Feng Shui, you can have a home surrounded by peace and tranquility, you must know what Feng Shui is. The brief explanation about Feng Shui is as follows.

What is Feng Shui?

It is the balance of energies that make up a home by objects, colors, space, or people who reside it. On many occasions, you don't feel a tune with some places, and this may be because of the organization of the space or the elements occupied in the place, which avoid a harmonious space. Sometimes it is believed that the location of an element or the color of a wall can change the energy of a place. 

This composes other elements that are integrated to achieve peace, comfort, and tranquility. As it is known in Feng Shui, in each house there are primary and secondary cardinal points that are related to aspects of life like profession, recognition, goals, family, money, health, knowledge and abundance. Ideally, organize and place objects that help with these primary aspects of life.

Due to the hectic pace of daily life, many people are interested in buying a home with a spacious place, lush greenery, and Vastu complaint for happy living. Appropriate decoration and distribution can contribute positively to enhance harmony and positive energy inside and outside the home. Feng Shui tips help to improve well-being and harmony through the circulation of energies.

Below are some of the Feng Shui decorating tips to attract the energy of wealth into your space

Main Door of House

The entrance of the home is a very important area for Feng Shui as it was the main area to attract positive energy. You have to maintain the main door in good condition. Place a beautiful plant or attractive lights in front of the door to draw energy into your home. The corridors of your home should be easy to navigate and free of obstacles for energy to flow freely.

Find Positive Signal

While buying a new house carry a newborn baby to that place to know the positive energy of the home. If the baby plays and laughs by entering the home, then it has positive energy. In case if the baby gets sick without any reason, then you get an idea that there is negative energy in that home.

Clear Disorder at Home

Keep a tidy and well-decorated house to bring full of energy. According to the philosophy of Feng Shui, a disorder of things at home would stop the flow of positive energy. If you have any piece of furniture, appliance broken or damaged, throw it or repair it as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can affect the harmony of your home.

Fresh Air and Natural Light

Sunlight is the natural and most powerful energy. Allow maximum sunlight to enter your home to bring good Feng Shui energy. It is essential to avoid dark and enclosed spaces because energy does not flow properly in them.  You can find many homes in Hyderabad with a spacious place, comfortable facilities, and good ventilation at

Place Three Legged Toad

At the entrance of your home keep a tailless amphibian with a short, stout body and short legs to attract wealth. The objects you choose should be cheerful and not convey any negative feelings. The three-legged toad signifies taking care of finances, increasing your savings, and bringing in prosperity.

Replace Broken Tiles

You have to check there would not be any broken tiles in your house. If you find them ensure to get it to replace or repaired as soon as possible to stop the negative energy flows into your house. The broken tiles in the house would affect the relationships with family members. To bring positive energy into your home, maintain your floor uniform, and clean.

Fish Aquarium

Many people know about this water, and fish will carry positive energy at home. It is good to keep a bowl or aquarium with clean water and floating fish in your home. Maintaining them in your house can help you to have positive vibes. The bowl or aquarium that you are using should be clean and not too big. You can get rid of misfortune if you place a fish idol in your bedroom. 

How to Harmonize your Home with Feng Shui?

The home will be divided by areas such as kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms, terrace and living room. Each of these areas must-have elements of Feng Shui to have synergy. On the other hand, when looking for housing, you must find a space that contributes and contributes to the fluidity of your home as in Vastu. Decorate your home with natural fibers and materials, besides being eco-friendly, these things establish a connection to nature. In this way, you can harmonize your home. Each corner of the home integrates an important element that will allow the resident of the house to have comfort, peace, tranquility, and harmony. Feng Shui works because energy follows natural laws just as water does. If you block the natural flow of the energies in your home, it creates problems. Balancing these key aspects and allowing the energy to flow freely can ensure your home to be a happy, healthy, and harmonious place.

Final Words

Follow the above Feng Shui tips for flowing positive energy in your home. This energy promotes well-being to the people living in the house. Ensure to maintain your home as per the guidelines of Feng Shui to invite positive energy into your home. The positive energy circulation in your home improves happiness and harmony.

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By: Shailaja K