Smart City Mission in 100 Cities to Ease Citizens Living Standards

Smart City Mission in 100 Cities to Ease Citizens Living Standards

The Government of India is strongly decided to build on its reputation with its ambitious Smart Cities Mission. This nationwide plan is implemented to develop 100 smart cities in India by 2020. According to SCCI, India adopted smart city technology to make urban life run smoothly. The term smart city means raising basic living standards, where the citizens can lead a decent life.

Smart Cities Mission

The Smart Cities Mission of India is an urban renewal program to improve 100 cities in India. In 2015 the Government announced that the technology strategy is being implemented to resist urban residential problems in India with an allocation of 48,000 crores. After this, the Central Government granted 500 crore financings for each city to build smart cities.

Hence throughout 10% of proposed projects have developed over the past three years by the central, and the remaining has to be completed within five years. Out of 3,880 projects which are identified in 100 cities, only 1,100 projects were completed and remaining are expected to develop by March 2020.

What is the Main Objective of Smart Cities Mission?

The Smart Cities mission objective is to provide necessary infrastructure facilities and sustainable environment with which the citizens can lead a decent life. The features of a smart city focus on the sustainable and comprehensive development of 100 cities. The Government's Smart Cities mission is a new initiative to look at compact areas and provide all available resources. 

The infrastructure development in a smart city model would include adequate water supply, electricity supply insured, sanitation, solid waste management, efficient urban mobility and excellent public transport, especially for the poor, robust connectivity and digitization, electronic governance, citizen participation, sustainable environment, safety and security of citizens particularly women, health, education, affordable houses for sale in Hyderabad and other cities.

How Smart Cities Mission Ease Citizens Living Standards?

Consequently, the purpose of the Smart Cities Mission is to boost economic growth and improve people's quality of life by allowing the development of local areas and technology for use, especially technology that leads to intelligent results. Area-based development will transform existing areas (overhaul and redevelopment), including slums with better plans, thereby improving the habitability of the entire city with the funding provided by the central government.

The Smart Solutions application will allow cities to improve infrastructure and services. As per Smart Cities Council India (SCCI), the new and smart ways would be introduced to manage the problems complexity of urban living such as pollution, overcrowding, inadequate housing, high unemployment, resource management, environmental protection, and rising crime rates.

The different government authorities are working to produce revenue and unlock surplus and under-utilized lands across the city, which results to improve quality of life, create employment and grow income for everyone. There are chances that by 2020, the Government will achieve the target of developing 100 smart cities with certain innovations where every individual can lead a happy and decent lifestyle.

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By: Shailaja K