Checkout Top 5 Security Features to Consider Before Buying a House

Checkout Top 5 Security Features to Consider Before Buying a House

In the choice of buying a house, you should take into account the physical state of the property to the legal aspects. It will allow you to know if the home of your dreams suits you.

If you are in search of a home, let you know the five essential security features to consider before buying a house or flat in Hyderabad.

The Location

If you are going to invest in a property, look for the services that you require, such as education, health, security, transport, recreation and supply. Avoid risk areas! It means that the property is not under high voltage lines, near fuel tanks, etc.

Verify the Deeds

The property with correct documents and deeds make you have the legal certainty of the property, including the banks to contract credits. If you decided to buy a house, verify that the house maintenance and facilities. In the end, you could pay a higher cost for not taking this point into account!

Payment Methods

Define how much of what you have saved you can use because banks or housing support institutions only lend on average up to 80% of the value of the property. So you must have that 20% previously to give the down payment, and 5% more to cover the initial costs like appraisal, insurance, deeds, notary, credit opening, etc.

Find Out About the Debts

As a general rule, the seller must have to update the payments for services, such as property electricity, water and gas to the buyer.  Select the property that suits your needs like the size and the number of sufficient rooms, and if possible, that is close to your place of work.


If you choose to acquire an apartment, you will have to verify the total cost for monthly maintenance. You have to check the apartment facilities like quality doors, windows, home security systems, fire alarm, etc. which helps you to have security and lead a comfortable life. Some real estate charges the extra cost for offering extra amenities that the apartment provides for comfortable stay of its residents.

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By: Shailaja K