Everything You Really Need To Know About the Property Tax – Telangana

Everything You Really Need To Know About the Property Tax – Telangana

Property tax holds a great deal of significance when it comes to generating revenue for the government of Telangana. Property tax is imposed on the people who own a property. The municipal corporation is responsible for collecting property taxes.  

Why is Property Tax Important?

The state government is responsible for imposing these taxes and gets it collected with the help of appointed municipalities through its local bodies from taxpayers, aka registered property owners. This is one of the most significant sources of revenue and majorly contributes to building roads, municipal offices, street lights, drainage systems, and in the creation of other important amenities for the locals in general. 

This tax is levied based on different computation systems, and the specific municipality in charge decides upon the mode of payment and the manners. The location of the property also matters while determining the tax amount to be paid by the owner. The property owner should pay this tax every year, and there is a special slab rate assigned to the tax amount designated for each taxpayer. There is a special website dedicated to Telangana Property Tax, where taxpayers are expected to put into their details, get themselves registered, and calculate the property tax dues they owe to the state government of Telangana. 

With the help of the property tax calculator given on the website, owners can calculate the amount that has to be paid. After filing the necessary inputs, it reveals the exact value of the amount you owe for the property you own, so that you do have better clarity about the precise amount that has to be paid. 

Another interesting aspect to be noted here is that Property Tax Gram Panchayat online has been made possible by Telangana State Government. Due to this, now the taxpayers can pay their taxes via online mode as well.

Now, the villagers can also enjoy the access besides seeking approvals for such as constructing properties, houses, layout, tap connections, etc. Let’s understand and dive deeper into understanding the various aspects related to property Tax in Telangana and the role of GHMC and learn a bit about CDMA Property Tax in Telangana

How to Pay Your Property Tax: A Step-by-Step Guide

Owning a property in Hyderabad implies that you are already included in the taxpayers' list prepared by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and you are liable to pay the taxes imposed upon you on an annual basis to GHMC. Similarly, if you own a property in Telangana, you have to pay the taxes annually to GHMC for that property. However, there are specific penalties that one must keep in mind while paying the GHMC Tax.


  • If the tax payment has been delayed, then there will be a penalty charge that you are required to pay to GHMC. Usually, July 31st and October 15th are the due dates every taxpayer needs to watch out for. Make sure that till these dates, you have already paid your half-yearly Property tax Dues. Every time a deadline is being missed, you will have to pay 2% of the additional penalty on the property tax for every month the payment is being delayed.
  • GHMC also runs various programs and schemes to reward the taxpayers who pay and clear their dues on time. If, as a taxpayer, you always pay on time and collect your arrears timely, then expect cash rewards via lucky draw to owners paid on or better, before the due date.

Online Payment

  • Log on to the online portal of GHMC and enter the pin that you have been assigned into the field, and click on the tab provided – Know your property tax dues.
  • Check and verify the legality of the property deed along with other documents.
  • The screen displays all the details you need to check, such as the property tax and adjustments, and select the payment option you wish to opt for.
  • Enter the necessary details and inputs as asked, and pay your property tax dues. It’s as simple as it sounds.
  • CDMA (The Commissioner and Directorate of Municipal Corporation) has also recently rolled out a whatsapp facility to timely pay your Property Tax dues. This has been done to ease and simplify the entire process for the taxpayers in Telangana. CDMA Property Tax has also emerged as the swiftest and simplistic mode of paying your property taxes. 
  • Access this account by sending just a ‘Hi’ to CDMA on the given number: +919000253342. The Chatbot is currently available in English and Telugu, and Urdu is likely to be included super soon. 
  • Access these services and make quick payments via debit card, credit card, and internet banking. 
  • CDMA Property Tax in Telangana played a catalyst in enabling the contactless transaction during Covid’19 pandemic.

Gram Panchayat Property Tax Telangana has also ensured and chose to be the catalyst for spreading awareness regarding the timely payment of Property Taxes and how to be punctual. It is creating massive awareness so that even villagers can make the most of the benefits being rolled out to help the citizens, especially the villagers, pay their taxes and understand the significance of paying property tax. It also supports and educates them at every step to understand and accept and adapt to the timely tax-paying habit and understands the reason behind their inclusion in the list of Property taxpayers. 

If not online, GHMC also facilitates the offline payment and for that the taxpayer can download and draw a demand draft or cheque in the favor of ‘commissioner’, GHMC and depositing it at one of the state bank branches in Hyderabad, Citizen Service centers, Meeseva Counters or with the bill collectors.