Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Wall

Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Wall

People often fail to realize that sometimes choosing the right paint colour for your walls can turn out to be a daunting task. It can be quite a task to decide which colour should go with which wall or what kind of interiors. It is certainly not as easy as it seems to be. More than a keen sense of aesthetics, it also requires other considerations. When it comes to designing, colours play an invincible role. You can’t even imagine any aspect of interior designing without colours and aesthetics. It has its undeniable significance that can’t be ruled out, and hence, it needs to be carefully checked out accordingly. 

If colors aren’t being appropriately used in your interior décor, it can ruin the whole décor or appear to be tastelessly and awfully done — something which nobody wants. These tips will come in handy for you to get into the groove of painting your walls in a way that enhances your décor manifold and gives it a lasting appeal.

Things to keep in mind while choosing the right paint colours

Interior décor or designing is not a piece of cake. Choosing the right colour theme for your wall can transform the vibe of the whole place. Hence, it is essential to put some thought into the process and consider all the critical factors to choose the right colour for your walls. Before finalizing the color theme and rolling out your brushes and rollers for the walls, make sure that your colour theme and palette are all set already. Keep these tips in your mind while selecting the suitable paint colour theme for your walls.

  • Be sure about colouring your wall: Keep in mind the picture you have visualized for your space to resemble. If you have been eyeing a specific colour palette or theme, you have in mind, then go for it, but as you know, this is an incredibly crucial aspect that can make or break the whole look of the house. So, choose and apply your hues wisely. 
  • What colours to choose: If you want to change your space, make it appear more intimate or more spacious, colours can help you immensely. To make your room seem more intimate, use richer shades on the opposite walls. If opposite walls are painted in lighter shades, you can use darker shades on the accent wall so that the room can appear wider and spacious. If cozier and closed-off space is what you really want, using darker shades should be preferred, and to attract more light into space or for well-lit, brighter, and welcoming spaces, more pastel, ivory, and off whites can be used. If you know already how you want to change your area, then choosing the suitable paint color theme would be easier.
  • Don’t skip the finish: Paints are available in different colors, and you can try different finishes for the paint. Make a checklist about the finish you want on your wall paint before going out and shopping for colours. There are five types of finish available — gloss, matte, eggshells, satin, semi-gloss, and high gloss. Each finish has its effect on the paint, so before finalizing the finish, get a patch test done. Also, many people often get perplexed about painting gloss over emulsion.

There is nothing wrong if you paint gloss over emulsion, but you need to be mindful of the color underneath. If the paint is of a lighter shade, you can do it, but for some darker shades such as maroon, red, matt black, etc. use sand down and undercoat first. However, it might require a lot of effort, such as removing architraves, making good gaps, replacing the skirting holes you might find at the bottom, and repainting walls to enhance the glossy and achieve a cleaner yet polished effect on your walls. 

  • Experiment with wall shades: We have covered all the mindful parts of painting a wall which you need to be aware of. Now is the time for some fun and exciting parts, such as experimenting with colors and wall shades. Be creative, bold, and fun, and try to experiment with colours. In fact, the ideal way to do it is to experiment with several colour cans before you settle for one. Try out a colour or two to find out what you would like in that particular space. Experiment and play around with every wall shade and colours such as turquoise, blue, pink, mauve, peach, grapefruit etc. and choose the one that speaks to you the most. You can also start with every colour you love and see which one goes and suits your wall the best. 
  • Simplistic yet classy: Who says simple can’t look elegant? In fact, using simple colors that give that minimalist vibe to the décor is so underrated that people rarely think that it is capable of giving such elegant and classy appeal to a room. Also, you can use a selected, varied yet small palette of colors to get the desired appeal and beautify the area at its best. For a more cohesive, defined, and unified feel and look, prefer to avoid clashing colors at all. This will also make the space appear larger, more spacious, and dignified. 

These were some of the cherry-picked tips that you can try out to have a brilliantly magnetic space that exudes vibrancy, brightness, life, beauty and magic.