2020 Winter DIY Home Decor Tips to Stay Warm in Cold Weathers

2020 Winter DIY Home Decor Tips to Stay Warm in Cold Weathers

Winter season spans over four months, begins from the month of November and continues till February in most places of India. Compared to high winter temperatures in coastal cities such as Himachal Pradesh, Jammu, and Kashmir, the winter season in Hyderabad is characterized by seasonal cold weather, which gets heavy sometimes. As the cold weather starts to arrive, it is significant to know the damage winter can do to your home. Would you like to learn some winter home decor tips to get your apartment ready? 

With a well-heated house, you can save money and keep your home warm and comfortable during the cold months. To do this through some DIY ideas, today, let's focus on what you should do to keep the house warm, so as not to let the temperature go down while the heating is not on and without forgetting something as important for health as home ventilation. Its time, with some great winter tips, to prepare the house or apartment for the cold.

Below DIY for home ideas, helps to keep the environment warm in your apartment or house in Hyderabad and thus be able to save on heating during this winter.

Caulk Windows and Doors

Windows and doors in the home may cause heat loss in your home during this winter season. To keep your house warm, ensure a tight seal around interior trim. As a result, warm air stays in your home. Don’t forget to check your external caulk as well and fix any gaps before the snow flies. On the other hand, we recommend that you can install opaque curtains, and that helps you insulate the interior from the outside. Remember to raise the blinds during daylight hours and lower them at sunset, and this will make the house warm during the day and not lose temperature during the night.

Cover Floor with Large Carpets

Another element that will help you a lot to keep the heat at your flat in Hyderabad is the carpets. The feeling of cold depends on the type of floor you have, especially when it is ceramic tile or natural stone because these materials are conducive to heat loss across the floor, which gives the feet a feeling of cold. Covering large areas of the floor with carpets will help you to fight these heat losses and give a great sense of comfort. Areas such as the sofa, the bed, or the dining tables are ideal for this, especially in coastal areas, where, although the cold is not excessive, the humidity will be a great inconvenience. 

Radiator Reflectors

Here is a simple trick to make the most of the heat that your boiler produces. By placing a reflective fabric between the radiators and the wall, you will reflect the heat that is lost in the walls. Different kinds of reflectors can be found on all large DIY surfaces, especially at this time. They are all designed for this purpose. Be sure your radiators are properly bled to remove any inefficient air gaps, which may be preventing your radiators from working to optimum capacity and will keep your house warm.

Seal the Fire Place

While a fireplace is a heat source for many people, it can also be an enormous heat loss source. High heat can escape, especially when not in use, via the chimney. In reality, it may even in some cases be equal to a big wide-open window throughout the winter, if a flue is left open, in part. You can stop this by making sure the flue is securely closed when the fireplace is not in use. To maintain drafts, consider adding heat-resistant glass doors to your fireplace front. And if your living room with fireplace is not used or is not working, seal the chimney completely even flue by installing insulation above and below the flue opening.

Fix Programmable Thermostat

In winter, money-saving home tips come on top of the list. You can save 10% to 20 % on energy charges by simply installing a programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats allow you to maintain temperatures lower if you sleep or stay away from home. Having the heat to a minimum when you don’t need it helps you will save a lot. Some models permit repetitive programming for up to 7 days. This seven-day cycle helps a family to plan needs for the week and on the weekends. The majority of programmable thermostats will easily be installed by simply removing and connecting the wires from the old unit.

Light Colors

A simple and effective DIY room decor ideas to save some light is to paint and decorate the different rooms of the apartment in Hyderabad with light colors. By reflecting more light, the light colors make you turn on the lights somewhat later, which may make an important difference in annual light use. You can use white, gold, or any other light-colored matched slipcover for your sofa and dinner tableware. You may need more frequent washings, but the light is eliminated from your table, making the space more luminous.

Smart home technologies and services, such as a smart thermostat, can help you incorporate winter maintenance in daily routine, allow you to reduce energy savings, and also keep your home comfortable. Winterizing will help you enjoy indoor activities, recognizing that your living space has been covered through the season and helping to maintain your entire home and its durability.

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By: Shailaja K