Best Makara Sankranti 2020 DIY Home Decor Ideas

Best Makara Sankranti 2020 DIY Home Decor Ideas

Sankranti is celebrated in different Indian states and is also known as Pongal. This festival is said to come when Sun travels from Dakshinayan to Uttarayan is known as Makara Sankranti, and the farmers bring their hard-earned harvest back home from the fields. The festival is held as Bhogi on the first day, Sankranti, on the second day and Kanuma on the third day.

With a sky full of kites, the lighting of the oil lamps, and houses filled with the smell of special dishes, Makara Sankranti has always been an absolute delight for all Indians. In many places, the festival is celebrated in different ways, but the entire nation welcomes the new season of harvest with the same joy and enthusiasm. The Sankranti festival is considered to be one of the most auspicious festivals in India, as it is the festival of harvest. Several Rangoli and kite flying competitions are also held during this time, which marks more fun to the festival.

Some people dressed up as Haridasu will visit each house and sing songs praising Lord Vishnu, along with playing musical instrument Tambura. On the other hand, gangireddulavallu heavily dressed along with the bulls, adorned with colorful saris, flowers tied around their horns and anklets to their legs, will visit every house in Hyderabad. They will play musical instrument nadaswaram and beat the drum and will make the bulls to dance to their tunes. The women will offer rice, clothes, and money to them. All houses are crafted with colorful Rangolis in the entrance, which are famously known as Sankranti Muggulu. The Rangolis are also decorated by different flowers and hand-pressed cow-dung balls called gobbemmalu.

Highlights of Three-day Harvest Festival

The first day of the festival- Bhogi starts with collecting old furniture and dry leaves to start campfire outside many households. The sweet dish is cooked with the new rice bought by the farmers. The small children under 7 years of age are dressed up and shower flowers and Jujube fruits (Regi pallu) on them, blessing them with health and happiness.

The second day of the festival- Makara Sankranti is about all the festive dishes like appalu, chakkilalu, payasam. The newlywed sons-in-law are invited specially for this festival with their respective brides to her parent's place and honored with a warm celebration. Kites fly high every afternoon and evening, and temples are crowded with special rituals.

The third day of the festival- Kanuma is the day of the farmers. They honor the cows decorating them with flower garlands, feeding them specially. It is like a thanksgiving day for the cattle and the farmers. The bull races, cockfights are few famous celebrations of this day, and they were majorly celebrated in the villages.

Makara Sankranti DIY Home Decor Tips

The first vibrant festival of the year, Makara Sankranti is celebrated by Hindus with a lot of enthusiasm and festivity. By decorating your home with creative and esthetic designs, you will make this festival extra unique and fun for you and your guests. The lists of simple and attractive decorative ideas for your house or apartment in Hyderabad this Sankranti festival are as follows.

Colorful Rangoli

Use your imagination to create some completely out-of-the-box designs at your house doorway and other areas such as Puja Hall. If you do not know much about them, you can choose artificial/acrylic Rangoli stickers or floor mural, which are available online.

Attractive Lighting

You can use custom oil lamps or diyas as a traditional charm. Another easy way to add beauty to the living space is by decorating your house with Paper lanterns. You can also choose from many DIY lamps options include plastic bottle lamps, egg carton lamps, doily lights, or recycle lanterns with old jam jars.

Natural Flowers

Natural flowers are always good, and they add color to your surroundings. Without flowers, there is no Hindu festival complete. Decorate your house with different flowers and let these beautiful flowers reinforce the festive spirit with their freshness and aroma. The fragrances and the colors of natural flowers will lighten up everyone’s mood and add to the festive cheer.

Dining Decoration

Makara Sankranti is a festival that is most well known for its special foods. Another thing you should take into account is serving them in style, and it should also be part of your home decoration preparation. Your home's dining table must be ready for the opportunity. Ensuring that treats and snacks are placed carefully, perhaps in a bowl or trays of gold or silver.

Kite Crafts

Encourage your kids to make amazing decorative crafts or wall mounts. Interesting patterns such as kites, butterflies, and flowers may be included. If this is not possible, look for some interesting paintings or wallpapers to make your house more beautiful. Make the festival more delightful by decorating your home with colorful kites and hang them around your home and see space light up. You even get miniature kites these days for decoration.

Bonfire Theme

Add a little relish to the décor by making the bonfire the most important element. Make artificial bonfire with paper and crepe, and hold thumbnails around your house. Invite your friends and relatives who play the instrument, play a portable piano keyboard, or play the harmonicas to enjoy the festivity.


If you are keen to give a strong and clear message about sustainability, use eco-friendly decorations, and make use of natural materials such as bamboo and jute. Adorn your house with creative cubicle fun crafts from waste paper, which add liveliness to your home decorations instead of purchasing items from the store.

Primetime with Your Family

Makara Sankranti is celebrated by burning a bonfire as it is the last day of winter. Also, many people like a nice party with a bonfire. Decorate your house and schedule a camp for your family to enjoy a variety of adventure activities with night bonfire. Kite flying is an important part of the festival, and it is a good idea to have a kite flying competition. Give colorful kites to all and see whose kite lasts the longest. Take this opportunity to party with friends and family by relishing on some traditional dishes. Add some glow to your celebrations by announcing traditional dressing wear. It would be pleasant to see all the family members in traditional wear together.

Makara Sankranti is a celebration festival and a time to socialize and bond. Make sure to make this festival a memorable experience by spending your primetime with your family members this year.

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By: Shailaja K