GHMC to Act against Gated Housing Societies for Faulty STP

GHMC to Act against Gated Housing Societies for Faulty STPs

Approximately nine per cent of the existing sewerage treatment plants (STPs) are currently non-functional in gated communities and office complexes under the GHMC limit due to lack of maintenance.  

Further, despite the fact that competent authorities had issued the occupation certificate (OC), 9,4% of STPs still have to be built. 

Civic Body to Act on Housing Societies with Defective STP’s 

Of the 366 STPs in use, 228 STPs use treated water, approximately MLD 79.76 (58%), while 138 STPs do not use treated water for domestic purposes, approximately MLD 57,70 (42%). 

About 42 per cent of the water is not being used to clean the floor, flush and refresh the towers for non-domestic purposes. Arvind Kumar, MAUD's chief executive secretary, stated that authorities have started an audit of existing private-sector STPs in these communities and will take measures to combat the defaulting gated communities and ensure that STPs work. 

The three-party National Institute for Urban Management (NIUM) has audited 537 STPs out of 628 private STPs in the GHMC.STPs in 42 places were also found to be missing (9.2 per cent).

By: Shailaja K