Government Plans to Develop all141 ULB’s in Telangana

Government Plans to Develop all141 ULB’s in Telangana

MA&UD Minister KT Rama Rao of Telangana said the government prioritizes infrastructure and extensive development of the ULBs, with half of the population residing in urban areas of the state. 
During the annual report of the department on 9 July, KTR stated, Thanks to the pandemic challenges, the government used available lockdown time and were able to undertake major urban infrastructure work, particularly new Greenfield Road, flyovers, RoBs, and the re-carpeting roads. 

Plans to Develop 141 ULB's in Telangana 

It was possible to do so because there was traffic-free in roads and locations compared to about 3-4 hours during regular time, the government effectively utilized working hours 12 to 16 hours per day. The infrastructure work would be expected to complete in a time span of two to four months which would have taken nine months to one year otherwise. 

In addition to Hyderabad, the State is also desired major redevelopment of 141 ULBs in the area of waste processing plants, installations of fecal sludge treatment plants, integrated markets on vegetables and meat, new water systems, and tree parks providing state-wide pulmonary spaces.  

The Action Plan for 2021-22 of the Department of Municipal Management and Urban Development shows that this year would be accompanied by development activities planned in all the ULBs all around the Telangana.

By: Shailaja K