Government to Secure Properties of Poor Amid New Revenue Act Implementation

Government to Secure Properties of Poor Amid New Revenue Act Implementation

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao clearly said on Thursday that it was not the State's intention to fill its coffers with the money raised from the poor by regularising land as part of the introduced State's revenue reforms.

Govt to Come Up With Total Protection of Poor Property Owners

During the introduction of the Revenue Act 2020, public authorities and officials must ensure that the poor are not adversely affected. These should give the fruits to the poor. The Chief Minister is advising elected representatives and officials to operate 24/7 for the introduction of this new act for the welfare of people.

In a review meeting in Pragathi Bhavan, CM called on public representatives from municipalities and mayor to engage on the ground to ensure that properties not registered online such as plots, flats and houses go through the process.

The government aim was to find solutions to the lands and property difficulties affecting people before the Dharani website becomes fully operational, noting that many acts that are introduced in the State as part of revolutionary regulatory reform programmes should be useful to people in future decades. All issues relating to residential houses, buildings and real estate that remain unresolved for decades now, should also be resolved.

Proposed Plans in New Revenue Act

KCR affirmed the poor should be at the top of the agenda as actions are taken to bring a qualitative change in society. After the Dharani portal becomes operational, this objective is achieved. The properties of the poor will be protected and secured.

He said that every inch of the property would be registered online with Green Passbooks for agricultural lands and Maroon Passbook for non-agricultural properties. The development takes place in the communities which once had huts and houses. People have elected us with a wonderful majority, the government will work hard for the people who have brought a historic victory and extended their support.

The public representatives and officials would leave other works and visit all wards to collect information on people's property and ensure that they are registered online. The government decisions will help GO 58, 59 beneficiaries and those poor people who had built houses and resided here for many decades. Update even the least of the land and real estate information. 

The state government's ambitious decisions from time to time to support the poor had created a festive atmosphere in the State.

By: Shailaja K