Malakpet Road Under Bridge Development Works Started to Facilitate Traffic

Hyderabad Road Development Corporation Limited (HRDCL) plans to alleviate traffic congestion at Malakpet Road under Bridge (RuB) with constructing bottom raft concrete works at the site. It is being accomplished as part of building an additional vent at the ever-busy Road Under Bridge (RuB) at Malakpet.

Proposed Developments to Soothe Traffic at Malakpet

Malakpet is one of the city's busiest traffic areas. Hundreds of vehicles move through the RuB each day, which facilitates the passage from Chaderghat to Dilsukhnagar. Traffic moves slowly at the RuB because of the narrow roadway, and the situation went from bad to worse during the Hyderabad Metro Railworks. Considering these factors, HRDCL suggested the construction of an additional vent at Malakpet railway station for the current RuB.

To facilitate traffic flow in the city, the additional vent at the RuB is being developed near the railway station towards the fuel station end. Once the additional vent is built, it will become easier to travel on the Malakpet RuB, which is bustling with traffic most of the day and late into the night.

The HRDCL has also contributed Rs 10 crore with South Central Railway (SCR) for the implementation of the railway portion works in addition to the launch of the works, a senior HRDCL official said. 

For the last couple of years, the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and South Central Railway (SCR) have been working on this project. SCR will conduct the vent works with the GHMC working on completing the acquisition of necessary properties, while HRDCL is responsible for laying the approach roads on the other side.

The road width is being expanded from the current 46.5 metres to 53.80 metres to allow the construction of additional vents. Accordingly, an external vent is now being built with a width of 11 metres and a vertical clearance of more than 4 metres for traffic circulation. HRDCL has already completed the slab works for foundation purposes, and bottom raft concrete works are now being carried out.

To enforce the works, the water flow at the site will be temporarily blocked under the bridge, and once they are finished, the water flow will be enabled by removing the temporary blockades.

By: Shailaja K