RERA Telangana All You Need to Know

RERA Telangana All You Need to Know

Telangana RERA Registration for Buyers’ Protection

When people buy a house, they  invest their lifetime savings and/or commit to pay large sums of money as EMIs for a decade or two into the future to repay a home loan. Needless to say, they have a lot at stake. 

What if they are faced with real estate frauds? We have heard about people losing all their money and facing financial problems after being duped by real estate agents and promoters. We have also heard about cases where victims of real estate frauds have gone to the extent of committing suicide.

Home buyers, thus, need security from real estate frauds. They need an authority they can report grievances to and seek redressal of disputes.

RERA Telangana Comes to The Rescue of Home Buyers

The central government enacted the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act in 2016, to protect home buyers. This act requires all states to appoint a Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), and ensure that the act is implemented in the states.

Subsequently, the Government of Telangana implemented the Telangana State Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Rules in July 2017 for regulation and promotion of the real estate sector in Telangana.

What Does RERA Telangana Do?

  • It protects consumer interests
  • It regulates the real estate sector
  • It ensures transparency in real estate projects
  • It maintains a website with records of registered real estate projects and agents for public viewing
  • It offers a mechanism for speedy dispute redressal.
  • It provides an Appellate Tribunal to hear appeals from the decisions, directions or orders of the RERA.

Telangana RERA Services

For Citizens

For Promoters

For Real Estate Agents

  • Access records of real estate projects.
  • View details of projects.
  • Register complaints online, if they have any grievances.
  • Registration of real estate projects.
  • Extension of the projects.
  • Update project information and status on a quarterly basis.
  • Online filing of complaints.
  • Registration of real estate projects.
  • Renewal of registration with the regulatory authority.
  • Online registration of complaints.


How Does RERA Protect Home Buyers?

  • According  to RERA, promoters and real estate agents have to register themselves and also the project, before advertising any project, commencing any construction or executing any sale.  Builders need to submit all the original documents with RERA. 
  • You can login to TS RERA website and view project details and documents. In fact, you can check project information on the website  even before you buy the property
  • If you have any grievance, you can register a complaint with RERA Telangana, and seek redressal and resolution.

What Projects Are Covered Under Telangana RERA?

Real estate projects  for which the building permissions were granted on/after January 1, 2017 and have a total area of more than 500 sq. mts. or more than 6 units are covered under the Telangana RERA rules. RERA registration is compulsory for all the builders who have acquired permissions for their project from any of these authorities:

  • Urban Development Authority
  • Director of Town and Country Planning
  • Municipal Corporations
  • Municipalities
  • Nagar Panchayats
  • Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation

How to Check RERA Website for Project Details

  • Login to TS RERA website.
  • Click on the ‘Registered Projects and Agents’ tab.
  • Now select ‘Advanced Search’ and enter the details.

You will get the list of registered projects. You can view builder information, contact details, the documents pertaining to the project, project status.  

Documents You Can Find & Download

  • Approved plan and layout.
  • Sale deed.
  • Link documents
  • Encumbrance certificate.
  • Conveyance deed/Title deed.   
  • Development agreement (or Joint development agreement/Other agreement).
  • Various NOCs.
  • Certificate from registered engineer indicating the structural safety of the building.
  • Transfer of development rights certificate.
  • Commencement certificate.
  • Project photos and more.

How to Register a Complaint

You can file a complaint with Telangana RERA Authority or Adjudicating Officer, if you are aggrieved on these grounds: 

  • Delay in possession of property.
  • Delay in obtaining the Completion certificate.
  • Use of poor quality construction material.
  • Violation of builder-buyer agreement.
  • Levy of additional charges.
  • Non-payment of interest on delay.

At present the complaint filing is not web-based. The complaint with Telangana RERA can be filed in their office, using the prescribed RERA complaint format and by paying INR 1000 as fees (via a DD or cheque in favour of TS RERA, or  online payment).

You also need to attach relevant documents to support your complaint. 

TS RERA will conduct an investigation based on these documents, and either accept or reject the application.

The Telangana RERA Authority will pass an order on the complaint within 60 days of receiving it. If there is a delay,  they should let you know.

Either party can make an appeal against the decision of Telangana RERA Authority. You can file your appeal with the TS RERA Appellate Authority within 60 days from the date on which the order was communicated to the parties. A prescribed fee of INR 1000 has to be paid for the appeal.

RERA Registration for  Promoters & Real Estate Agents 

  • On the TS RERA website, click on ‘Services’ tab. 
  • Click on ‘Real EstateAgent Registration’ from the drop-down menu.
  • You will be  redirected to the TS RERA login page.
  • Click on ‘New  registration’.
  • Select the user type - promoter or real estate agent & fill the details
  • You will receive verification mail to the email-id that you entered. 
  • To complete the registration, click on the activation link provided.

RERA Registration of Real Estate Project 

  • On the TS RERA website, click on ‘Services’ tab. 
  • Click on ‘Real Estate Project Registration’ from the drop-down menu.
  • You will be  redirected to the TS RERA login page.
  • Login to your TS RERA account.
  • Click on ‘Project Details’ and then ‘Add Project’ from the pop-up menu.
  • Enter the project details and pay the registration fee through the payment gateway.

Contact Information of Telangana RERA


#640, Ground Floor, DTCP Building, A.C.Guards, Masab Tank, Opposite PTI Building, Hyderabad – 5000 004.


Contact number

04048553333, 04048552222

Office mail ID


Secretary mail ID