State Cabinet Extended Updation of Non-Agriculture Properties for 10 More Days

State Cabinet Extended Updation of Properties for 10 More Days

The state cabinet has agreed to extend updation of non-agriculture properties for ten more days till October 20. The updation of properties was already taken up by the municipal authorities and expected to be done by October 10.

The cabinet planned to permit the transformation of agricultural land to non-agricultural land on the Dharani Website in an easy way, without human intervention. Changes have also been accepted to the GHMC Act for continuing BC reservations in connection with upcoming elections that include a 50% quota for women.

At the cabinet meeting, Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao addressed various issues for almost four hours, in particular amendments to various acts. The legislative node will take place before the Legislative Assembly and the Council on 13 and 14 October, for changes to the GHMC Act and the Revenue Act.

The government has initiated an integrated township policy, which would be released very soon, to promote townships in the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA), particularly around the outer ring road. The government plans to provide assistance to developers of different townships. Minor changes to the registration process were also approved by the cabinet.

CMO officials said agricultural procurement centres in villages would be developed for the convenience of farmers. Due to the pandemic, the government has developed 6,000 procurement centres in villages. The cabinet has agreed to follow the same policy for this rainy season as the Covid-19 situation continues.

The cabinet requested farmers to ensure that humidity in their agricultural produce does not cross 17% and to take it to procurement centres.

By: Shailaja K