TS Government Plans to Conduct Agricultural Land Digital Survey

TS Government Plans to Conduct Agricultural Land Digital Survey

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao recently announced that a digital land survey will be taken up soon, which will provide an opportunity to reform the revenue department, especially land management.

Instructions were given to the officials concerned to invite tenders for the proposed survey, after a lot of effort and preparation to secure transparent registrations and mutations. He expressed his satisfaction with the functioning of the Dharani portal. The revenue department witnessed rapid growth due to the implementation of new revenue law. In this context, a working chart will be ready for the officers to describe their responsibilities and duties.

Now the anarchic registry of a person's land on another name, land disputes and rumours have also ended. Thanks to the Dharani Portal, corruption in the revenue department has been eliminated and justice has been granted to farmers who have no voice and are innocent. 

The State Government has completed three years of extensive research and implemented a new revenue law for the first time in a country. The registrations were made only using the biometric and Aadhar identification of the seller and buyer; they were made in a straightforward manner without providing any scope of corruption.

Dharani Portal Services

The only land registered in the Dharani Portal can be sold or acquired and other lands can only be granted by way of inherited rights or gift deeds.  Due to effective government measures, nobody can modify or manipulate records and each transaction was system-driven and executed without any human interface.

A detailed Land Record Survey, new passbooks, Dharani platform, and other such reforms have already solved various issues and conflicts with regard to agriculture in the State. After the digital survey, the other few problems will also be solved.

Complete Focus on All Land Queries

The digital survey is set to take place shortly after the survey is finished, all conflicts are made perfectly clear. Boundary disputes would be dealt with between farmers on agricultural property, disputes on forest and government lands, and between forest lands and private lands.

It should be noted that in the future there will be no scope for land disputes with the availability of land coordinates. There is a GDP growth of 3 to 4% in countries where land records are properly managed. As such, there is such a progressive shift here for the government.

By: Shailaja K