Hyderabad Gets Recognition as a Tree City of the World for Preserving Greenery

Hyd Gets Recognition as a 'Tree City of the World' for Preserving Greenery

Hyderabad is the only city from India that has been included in the list of 51 global cities that have been recognized for their efforts to preserve their green spaces. Experts say that this is a positive force for social forestation efforts in the state, thanks to the Government’s initiatives like Haritha Haram and the efforts of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, and  Arbor Day Foundation.

Hyderabad is now a part of an elite network of 120 cities from 63 countries chosen for their contribution to the cultivation and maintenance of urban forests over two years. Most other cities, to name a few, came from the USA, Britain, Canada and Australia.

Dan Lambe, who is the President of the Arbor Day Foundation, said that Hyderabad was 'part of a big global forestry network’. He also appreciated the perseverance of Hyderabad for effective urban forest protection, which has helped its citizens to ensure a better future.

List of Five Factors to be Eligible for ‘Tree City’

To be eligible for Tree City, the city must affirm its five requirements, include

  • Defining responsibility (the declaration written by civic representatives to assign the responsibility for trees)
  • Setting down the rules (the law or official policy that regulates forest and tree management)
  • Knowing what you have (an updated inventory or assessment of the local tree resources)
  • Allocate funds (a dedicated annual tree management plan routine budget) 
  • Celebrate achievements (an annual celebration of trees to raise awareness).

The Haritha Haram Program for the identification and growth of urban forest blocks had resulted in the improvement. According to officials, the appreciation is a testament to the city's continuous & institutional efforts in constructing, nurturing and celebrating trees, developing forestry projects, strategic projects, planning and the efforts to develop a healthy city.

By: Shailaja K