Understanding the impact of West facing home as per Vastu Shastra

Understanding the Impact of West Facing Home as Per Vastu Shastra

When it comes to selecting and buying houses in India, considering Vastu Shastra is still not given a lot of attention. Even if it's given attention or taken into consideration, myths are always there to shroud the perceptions and logic, cause dilemmas and disillusionment. 

One of those myths is that West Facing homes as per Vastu Shastra are inauspicious for buyers and residents. Many myths and rumours in the market lead to doubts and suspicions when it comes to West-facing Homes in India. 

The perception is that West-facing homes aren't that promising compared to the North and East-facing homes. That's why most people tend to opt for North and East-facing properties in general in India, especially when they have to buy their property. 

However, as per Vastu Shastra, all homes are considered equally auspicious, and there's nothing wrong or ominous about West-facing homes and property. As a fact, West-facing homes can be similarly promising and prosperous, and it's just a myth that has been perpetuated by fearmongers. It's high time we understand the impact and bust the myths surrounding a West-facing property.

West facing house Vastu is something you have to understand to gain more profound insights into its actual influence. There are certain Vastu principles that can be beneficial if you follow them religiously if you are buying a west-facing home or have already bought it. A west-facing house can be equally prosperous and fruitful for the native if these Vastu principles and guidelines are taken into account.

What is a west facing house plan as per Vastu?

A west-facing home is where the main door opens or faces the west direction. Usually, people believe that if the house's main door is opening to the West, then the people relate it to the notion of facing and looking towards a setting sun. This metaphorically implies darkness, and that's why it is assumed that a West facing house will be devoid of sun and filled with all sorts of darkness, hence, making it inauspicious. However, Vastu Shastra rebuffs this assumption and preconceived notion as just a myth.

West facing house Vastu plan

According to the design principles of Vastu Shastra, all homes can be equally promising, be it north, east, west, and even south-facing homes. The direction of the house doesn't make a lot of difference. It's the direction of the entrance door that makes a difference.

As per ancient principles of Vastu Shastra, while making a sound west facing house plan, what one should keep in mind is that the main door or entrance of that house should be located in any of the four padas – 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th. Padas are also known as segments defined as best suited locations to place or situate the entrance and main door.

Tips that you must keep in mind while designing a west facing house plan

There are certain do’s and don'ts that you must follow as per the suggestions, guidelines, and ancient design principles of Vastu.

  • 7,8,9 segments or padas are considered inauspicious according to Vastu Shastra, so it's advisable to avoid placing or constructing your entrance in these particular segments.
  • You should also avoid buying a house where the plot is elevated more in the North than the south.
  • Also, kitchens should never be in the southwest direction in any west facing property. Avoid purchasing such a west-facing house.
  • Avoid purchasing a west-facing house that is more inclined towards the southwest and has extensions in the southwest of any sort.
  • The south and west direction walls should be higher and thicker than the walls in the North and East direction.
  • The ideal direction of a kitchen can be southeast or northwest.
  • Your master bedroom should also be located in the southwest. If there's more than one floor, then you should try to have your master bedroom in the said direction on the upper floor. Avoid ground floors if possible; otherwise, be mindful of the location.

West facing house Pros and Cons 


  • Homes that have west-facing entrances are generally considered to be bursting with energy and vitality
  • People who live in West facing houses are believed to have the right and abundantly rich social and professional circle, and they also attract prosperity.
  • West facing homes are considered ideal for teachers, politicians, religious leaders, and business people. It is also considered pretty auspicious for IT Industry peeps, real estate brokers, business people, R&D (Research & Development) people. 


  • This house is generally considered hotter, especially where the climate is already hot. These houses attract more heat
  • Finding a right west-facing house entrance plays a pivotal role, and it's hard to find the most suitable entrances often, and even if entrances are found, the master bedroom or kitchen location can be an issue. Finding an ideal west facing house can be quite a challenge
  • As per Vastu's recommendation, the length of a residential plot is considered superior when it's north-south instead of East-West.

Is West facing house good as per Vastu?

Now, it's quite clear that a west-facing house can be perfectly auspicious if specific guidelines are being religiously followed. Today, we have plenty of options to buy a customized property and seek professional Vastu experts to seek the remedy any issue that was overlooked at the time of buying. 

As per Vastu, no house is bad or inauspicious. If we face problems in a particular property, it is vital to address them on time with trusted professionals' help. Most importantly, if you keep in mind the suggestions given above and be a little mindful and actively present while purchasing a west facing house, then there's nothing to worry about. For more information on Vastu-compliant top residential properties, log in to PropertyAdviser.in.