North Facing Apartment's Vastu Influence and Tips

North Facing Apartment's Vastu Influence and Tips

A house is one of the basic needs of human beings. That's why people are more concerned about positive energy resources. Some of you may already know that Vastu Shashtra plays a vital role in the construction of homes. That's why when it involves Vastu for apartments facing North; they are given more preference over other directions.

What is a north-facing flat?

North facing flats are the most preferred flats that buyers choose while buying a flat. As north-facing flats are considered auspicious as the north direction in the flat is for Kuber, the lord of wealth gives the residents ample possibilities to gain wealth. 

Few buyers consider it to be the direction in which the main road is located concerning the house. However, it is entirely incorrect. In proper terms, the direction you face while going out through the main entrance door is the direction that your home is facing. If you move out in the north direction while leaving from the main door, irrespective of your apartment facing South, East, or West, Vastu works in the same way.

Now you must be troubled with a question: Is North facing Flat good as per Vastu? Allow us to answer your question and clear all your queries about Vastu for apartments facing north. 

Is North facing Flat good as per Vastu?

Vastu for north facing flat is good as the north direction is devoted to Kuber, the God of wealth, and going by this logic, north-facing homes ought to be most well-liked. It can bring in health, wealth, and prosperity if supported by other Vastu rules. However, for north-facing flats, the full house must be Vastu compliant, and also, the defects, if any, should be corrected. 

What should be the North facing flat Vastu plan?

Here are the details you need to know about the North facing flat Vastu plan. A home, where the most entry is from the north direction, is termed a north-facing home. A north-facing home won't offer any direct sunlight. Despite not having direct sunlight in your flat, you'll still receive fresh, clear light in your apartment. North facing apartments will protect your eyes from the glare that comes from alternative directions. In a north-facing flat, you'll get an extra amount of constant daylight from the morning to evening. 

It is an idea that a specific direction is essential, and also, the others are unfit as per Vastu for North facing flat.  

Here are some Vastu Tips for North Facing Flats


  • The master bedroom should ideally be in the southwest corner which is associated with good health, longevity, and prosperity.
  • Bedrooms in the southeast or north-east corners must be avoided as these can lead to health issues and conflicts in the family.
  • Mirrors in the bedroom should not face the bed because according to Vastu, the reflection of your sleeping self is not good. The northern or eastern wall is the right place for mirrors

Pooja Room

  • The best direction for the Pooja room in the flat is the north-east. If that doesn't work, the North and the east corners will do.  Avoid locating the pooja room in the south.
  • Do make sure that your face should be in the North or the east while offering prayers.
  • Don't make the pooja room under a staircase or position temple against the bathroom wall as it is considered inauspicious.


  • The best direction for the kitchen is the southeast direction, as this is where Agni or the lord of fire rules. As the southeast direction is a combination of the Sun and Mars, the resultant energy kills germs and contributes to good health.
  • Try not to locate the kitchen in the North, southwest, or northeast direction, leading to domestic upheavals and rifts in the family.
  • For a west or north facing house, place the kitchen along the northwest direction so that you look towards the North while cooking. If your house faces the east or the south, the kitchen's best place would be the southeast.


  • The main entrance of the apartment shouldn't be towards the south, west, or southwest direction. 
  • Most doors to your flat should be within the North-East direction of the North or East facing wall. 
  • Try not to select flats made on odd figures of square feet or rectangular buildings. Avoid flats that have massive water bodies within the South or West direction of the flat. There mustn't be any ponds/lakes within the western or southern direction from the flat. Water bodies should ideally be in the east/north directions.
  • Look for flats with bore wells, pumps, and lawns within the property's North-East direction.
  • If you discover that there are balconies within the South or West, it's best not to choose the flat.
  • Flats facing the road might not forever bring lousy luck for residents. 
  • Colours are the game-changer in Vastu Shastra. Apartments or flats painted in red, black, or dark colours must be avoided.

These are a few tips for Vastu, especially Vastu for north facing apartments that you should consider if you're checking before buying a north facing flat. These days builders are more cautious about Vastu for north-facing apartments. Hence construct the north-facing flat.