Malkajgiri RWAs Approached UFERWAS on Free Water Supply Meters Installation

Malkajgiri RWAs Approached UFERWAS on Free Water Supply Meters Installation

GHMC Malkajgiri water users have a concern about setting up the water metres. The Department of Municipal Administration and Urban Development (MAUD) has mandated that consumers install water metres at their own cost to avail the benefits of up to 20,000 litres of free water every month.

Malkajgiri Residents Concerns on Water Meters Set Up

On 12 January, the Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) of Hyderabad sent alert messages on fixing the water meters at their own cost to all consumers in Malkajgiri Circle. In response to the notifications, some Residential Welfare associations (RWAs) contacted the United Federation of RWAs (UFERWAS) an apex body of RWAs and requested HMWS&SB MD M Dana Kishore for resolving the issue.

UFERWAS General Secretary BT Srinivasan stated Malkajgiri's water management had taken assistance from the World Bank. The cost of the project was attributed to Rs 338 crore. According to the rules of the tender, under the provisions of metre and chamber, HMWS&SB have to install free water metres for all 35,000 consumers in the Malkajgiri circle. The board set up water meter chambers on all premises at free of charge for domestic consumers but would not set up water meters. 

Meanwhile, the water board stresses on consumers to set their metres at their own expense to use the free water supply and says that in Malkajgiri thousands of water connections have no metres and consumers pay a minimum bill of Rs 258 per month.

The monthly bill is approximately Rs 320 for households consuming about 20 litres per month, which is waived. However, water bills will be made for those who use more than 20,000 litres per month following the tariff. HMWS&SB Assistant Engineer for the Defense Colony, Srivani said they were waiting for the HMWS&SB Office guidelines on resolving the water metres issue.

By: Shailaja K