2019 Real Estate - the Best Time to Buy a House

2019 Real Estate - The Best Time to Buy a House

Since 2017 we have been immersed in one of the best times to buy a house. With the implementation of RERA Act, Government schemes and developments such as Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), Tax exemptions and subsidy schemes have boosted the real estate sector in 2019.

Even though who are interested in buying a house are always wondering what will be the best time to buy a home. However, it is an excellent time to buy a home in 2019. Do you want to know them? Keep reading!

Reasons to understand if it is a good time to buy a house.

Buy a House to Rent

Investing in real estate sector has always shown excellent growth. There are few areas in the city capable of demonstrating profitability when buying real estate. For this reason, the rental price is reaching high in some of the major cities in Hyderabad with developing infrastructure. So, buying a house for rent can be a very good option. Especially in places where prominent IT hubs are located such as Gachibowli, Hitec City, Kondapur, and Nanakramguda. ?The demand for houses grows continuously, investing in the real estate market can bring you returns in the medium term.

It is important to determine and anticipate certain risks. The area in which you decided to buy a house, check the neighbourhood and infrastructure of the place to get good investments returns. If you can invest more, you can get good returns. The demand for rent is a hike in some prominent areas due to excellent infrastructure and easy commuting to IT hubs. For this reason, if you buy a house at a reasonable price, you may have excellent profits.

Affordable Houses for Sale

In 2018 many real estate developers have launched affordable housing projects. Industry experts believe that there would be demand exists for affordable sales towards the second half of the year 2018. This provides a roadmap for 2019 to see better conversion rates and creation of more housing sales, catering to the needs of the buyers.

The price of residential properties is one of the main factors in real estate investing. Also, home prices in festival season reach their lowest point compared to other months. Many builders give offers and discounts on residential properties in Hyderabad because many people like to buy a house during festive seasons. Therefore, the festival season is the right time for investing in real estate as prices will only go higher from here.

Launching New Properties

The developing infrastructure facilities such as Hyderabad Metro, construction of the flyover, foot over’s, laying of cc roads are also one of the reasons to invest in the real estate sector. Keeping this in view many real estate developers are constructing quality houses with modern facilities to suit the residents. So compared to the 2017 and 2018 years, the construction of residential properties in Hyderabad is more this year. Buyers can choose from more properties to suit their requirements launched in 2019.

The best real estate portals are listing the under-construction and new properties and are increased to more compared to last year.  It is another reason that the year 2019 could be a good year to buy a home in Hyderabad.

Negotiating Leverage

Many real estate builders are constructing quality houses with luxurious facilities and giving offers to attract buyers. So the real estate market is cooling, and there’s plenty of data to support that. As a result, home buyers in 2019 could have more negotiating leverage than those who purchased over the past few years.

Housing Loans

The strong job market offers home buyers the financial support and confidence to buy a home which helps to keep up their monthly mortgage payments.  Many banks are offering home loans with low-interest rates to buyers. If you want to take a loan to buy a home, set a goal to look beyond the credit rating. A first step would be to calculate your income according to the loan you want to obtain. Because banks issue the loans only after examine and verify your debt-to-income ratio.

What should I set to buy a house?

Although it is a good time to buy a house, there are a series of conditions that must determine the purchase of your dream home.

Financial Viability

The purchase of a home is one of the biggest disbursements that you are going to make at some point in your life. For this reason, financial viability must be the main reason you must take into account when carrying out such an operation. The financial viability will be determined, mainly, of your capacity to face the amount of the transaction. It will intervene in aspects such as age, income, your financial burdens and savings that you would able to accumulate in all these years.

It is important to emphasise that, as the expert's quote, it is not recommended to invest more than 30% of your income in the home. Therefore, it is vital to know what are all the expenses that the house that you have to buy will have. And, at this point, knowing if it is an excellent time to buy a flat will not depend solely on the price of the mortgage, but also on all the expenses that derive from the purchase and sale of the same. Aspects such as the community, water and light expenses or any other reason will be determined by it.

Which place do you want to buy a house?

Regarding the purchase of a home, the environment in which it is located will be very important. To know if it is a good time to buy a flat, it is important that it is positioned in a good neighbourhood, with a correct geographical location. It is essential if you want to raise your standard of living to a higher level. Also, if in the future you are going to want to sell or rent it, the enclave in which the house is located is of vital importance. For this reason, you must pay attention to security, the prosperity of the neighbourhood or the services it has around it.

Prosperity of the Neighbourhood

The infrastructure in the areas will determine to a large extent if you are at a good time to buy the house. There are some areas with developing infrastructure facilities and are expected to grow. So it can be an ideal time to get ahead and buy the home before prices start to rise in such areas.  As you are facing one of the best moments to access the purchase of a home. Want to buy a property in developing areas, and you are facing problems to select the best house of your dreams? And you, are you still thinking about it? At Property Adviser we help you choose the best option.

Take advantage of the right time to buy a house in Hyderabad in 2019. Don’t wait too long! Take advantage of the benefits on builder offers instead of waiting until springtime. There are many apartments for sale in Hyderabad at affordable rates, and the housing market is in your favour. So, what a real estate investor would expect? Start your property search at www.propertyadviser.in to find the best property.

By: Shailaja K