GHMC Penalises Developers for Violating Safety Norms

In the course of time, at GHMC inspection, officials had found that in an overall 445 buildings that were scrutinised in three days, over 195 under-construction buildings are violating safety norms. It’s been remarked that builders are ignoring basic protocols for safety including the barring of under-construction sites, fitting dust screens and safety standards for workers under certain circumstances.

Why Are GHMC Rules Necessary?

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) is a civic organisation that acts as the local government to smoothen the necessary facilities for Hyderabad. Parliament has given the local authority full rights to regulate construction operations under its jurisdiction. 

Building permits are required before the building is started in compliance with building permit rules in Hyderabad by Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC). This approves all the designs and plans of Hyderabad. It is liable to seek approval from GHMC under GHMC Act 1955 for all construction activities within its jurisdiction.

At the initial stage of the construction, the building must be approved by the respective authority to legalise it. The town planning authority conducts detailed checks before granting GHMC building permission for the development of any residential or commercial building in Hyderabad. The proximity to monuments, a heritage structure, water bodies, oil or gas pipeline, and the height of the building are some factors considered before granting permission. 

GHMC Inspection

The GHMC guidelines that were spurned include the barricade of the building and the debris and unorganised wastes management. Some people have even invaded the road and floor to block their site, said K Srinivas Rao, the Director of the GHMC. 

Officials identified buildings where the cellar was illegal during an inspection by GHMC in the IT corridor. A plot owner had been fined Rs 1.5 lakh, for digging a basement, without precautionary measures. Another landowner has penalised Rs 1 lakh for destroying unsatisfactory disposal of the lane. GHMC found that only a few manufacturers provided construction workers with safety equipment to ensure workers safety. 

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By Govi