How to Get GHMC Occupancy Certificate for Residential Properties?

With years of savings, thorough research, and going through a lot of paperwork, you come to that absolute moment where you finally own your dream home. But, what if the authorities find your home illegal and you are expelled? One can ignore this possibility by acquiring Occupancy Certification (OC) in the property sales procedure.

In India, a lot of properties have had their owners without a certificate of occupancy. This ignorance could lead to a costly mistake, which endangers your dream home's legal status. The value of the occupancy certificate can not be overestimated because it defines the property's legal status and protects your rights of ownership.

What is the Occupancy Certificate?

The certificate of occupancy is an essential legal document certifying that the building construction is in accordance with the plans accepted. Once the building is constructed and prepared to be occupied, this certificate is provided by municipal authorities or the construction proposal unit. In Telangana, the Department of the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation grants the GHMC Occupancy Certificate only if the property is in the rightful condition and eligible for living.

The occupancy certificate is the evidence that the project was constructed following the appropriate building codes, regulations and legislation. Once the project has been completed, the developer is responsible for obtaining a GHMC occupancy certificate. The certificate shows that the building is suitable for use. For all water, hygiene and electricity connections, the Occupancy certificate is a must. 

To secure the legal status of the property, the GHMC occupancy certificate is mandatory for homeowners. If a property does not have a legitimate occupancy certificate, the local municipal authority is allowed to bring legal proceedings because, without an occupancy certificate, a property is considered to be an illegal structure. Occupancy certificate Hyderabad is also required, when you apply for a home loan or buy a resale property or if you want to sell your property.

Important Documents Required to get Occupancy Certification

All the below-specified documents must be provided when you apply for the GHMC Occupancy Certificate:

  • Certified building completion declaration by the Architect, Structural Engineer, Builder / Developer and Owner.

  • PDF designs as per the construction

  • Real-time photos of the property.

  • Completion certificate in case of special conditions while sanctioning building plan

  • Land valuation document issued by the Revenue Department (if any type variations are made to Sanctioned plan).

  • Copy of authorised plan (If not pertains to the DPMS).

Online Procedure to Get GHMC Occupancy Certificate

The applicant needs to follow the below steps to apply for Occupancy Certificate Hyderabad through online:

Step 1: Click here to visit the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation official website.

Step 2: On the home page, click on the online services option.

Step 3:  Now, choose “Submission of building application” from the drop-down list.

Step 4: You will be redirected to the page, where you need to provide login credentials with your username and password

Step 5: After inserting the login details, click on the “Login” button.

Step 6: Choose the occupancy tab in applications and select the building completion on top of the screen.

Step 7: Now select the Yes/No option for “Do you have a DPMS online building permit number?”.

Step 8: If your answer is “Yes”, enter the DPMS (Online approval) File Number and click on the “Find” button.

Step 9: Details of the file will be retrieved and displayed in the application form from the database.

Step 10: Now review the details displayed and Click on “Save and continue” button.

Step 11: Fill in the application form with all details if the Building Permit does not exist under the online process.

Step 12: Once all the full information is entered, it scans and saves the page and then it produces the new file numbers.

Step 13:  Open the New proposal now and choose a choice for a report and add the documents or plans required.

Step 14: Until the final submission, the applicant must ensure that all documentation is completed correctly.

Step 15: You must create the file name /acknowledgement number and send SMS to a registered mobile number that is entered in the application form.

Step 16: Go to the payment page and pay the combined fees through the provided options.

Step 17: The GHMC Occupancy Certificate will be created via email after final approval and can be accessed from the individual account.

The application will be monitored by the technical officer online. Upon verification, the document will be sent to the municipality for final approval, and the applicant will be given the certificate of occupancy. Estimated time of fifteen days is required to process the occupancy certificate Hyderabad from the date of application.

Essential Points to Consider for Occupancy Certificate

  • The local authorities may take serious proceedings against flat owners in the absence of a valid occupancy certificate. 

  • Without a valid occupancy certificate, your property may be demolished as it can be classified as an unauthorised structure.

  • If the builder fails to deliver an OC, you should think about enforcing your rules. The developer may be told that he should request a copy of the OC and hand it out within one month. 

  • The occupancy certificate is necessary to buy a resale apartment for an appeal to a home loan or lease. 

  • If you wish to sell or mortgage the property after a period of time, you will not be able to do this without a valid occupancy certificate.

  • Without the occupancy certificate, the connections for water, sanitary or electricity may also be disconnected.

  • Many developers submit receipts from the OC. You should never acknowledge anything rather than the real OC.


Real Estate Regulatory Act (RERA) has been passed to govern the real estate sector, encourage transparency, and protect consumer rights. Nonetheless, customers must be diligent and understand their property ownership rights and responsibilities. 

Documents such as GHMC occupancy certificate are necessary and ensure your investment's safety. Nowadays, builders are ascertaining that occupancy certificate Hyderabad for the registration of properties and essential services should be made mandatory. And, buyers should ensure that before the handing over of a house, developers are given the requisite approvals.

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By Govi