GHMC Plans for Laying Weatherproof VDCC Roads in Different Parts of Hyd

GHMC Plans for Laying Weatherproof VDCC Roads in Different Parts of Hyd

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) planned to lay the VDCC roads in various parts of the city to prevent rainwater stagnation and ensure longevity. They implemented the latest technologies to boost highway connectivity to change the appearance and experience of city roads.

The civic body has stepped up its efforts since last year in laying VDCC roads extensively across the city. Almost 80 kilometres of roads from the planned network of 247 km across GHMC limits have been developed so far. These roads are situated in colonies and stretches, where traffic is comparatively lower than major roads.

Proposed Infrastructure Developments in Hyderabad

A GHMC official stated that in recent months, VDCC roads have been laid down in some areas by the municipal corporation. These roads can be set in small distances of some half a kilometre or over one kilometre, where the problem is repeatedly with water stagnation or the distance is susceptible to repeated damage.

At a few locations, VDCC roads replace damaged conventional bitumen roads in order to ensure durability and to prevent uneven surfaces. Modern technology has begun to deliver positive outcomes everywhere it is used. For example, earlier rainwater staggered in front of Google, Madhapur, but the road conditions improved after laying VDCC road.

In view of this, the municipal corporation has now planned to lay extensive VDCC streets throughout the city and aims to implement the 247 km road network technology. The length of the road, which the city council has spent almost Rs.58 crore, is 80 km.

As a whole, the municipal corporation aims for a net cost estimate of Rs. 187 crore for replacement of the current gravel and metal roads by a vacuum cement for 247 km of road length. There has been a plan to complete by March of this year the remaining road network.

In the process of its efforts to ensure free pothole and blacktop roads in the city, the municipal bodies are already adopting CRMPs, involving private road maintenance agencies including sweeping operations. This project would take up 709 kilometres of main roads and other highways.

By: Shailaja K