Government Plans for Rapid Development of Huge Parks in Every Mandal

On Wednesday, Finance Minister T Harish Rao instructed the district officials and elected representatives to set up huge parks at every Mandal in the Palle Pragathi Pattana Pragathi program.  

Huge Parks to Come Up in Every Mandal   

Around a day before its launch in Mahathi Auditorium in Gajwel, Harish Rao said that Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao was very specific about the creation of parks in every Mandal addressing officials and elected representatives at Palle Pragathi's Preparatory Meeting.  

He highlighted that diarrhea and seasonal cases of diseases had been largely decreased over the past four years, since sanitation was considerably improved in the state, focusing on the importance of maintaining clean village and urban areas. When the Minister pointed out that the development is not just a matter of building infrastructure, the health status of the population also indicates where the State is developing.  

In Telangana, only Panchayats had 80 tractors before the State was set up, that there were 12,769 gram Panchayats with tractors, trollies, and tanks in the State. The villages here had dumpy yards, Vaikunta Dhamas, kindergartens, and many other facilities, working on how the Panchayats were transformed in Telangana.  

 The Minister appealed to the elected officials to prioritize cleanliness and said that the process of improving healthcare is a constant process.