Government to Allot One Lakh 2BHK Houses for Urban Poor in Hyderabad

On Monday, Talasani Srinivas Yadav, the Minister of Animal Husbandry, provided a list of 111 locations in the Greater Hyderabad area where the State Government to build one lakh two-bedroom dignity houses for urban poor. 

Minister stated the government's commitment to assign one lakh double room houses in Hyderabad to the poor was outstanding. He reaffirmed that because of the lack of land in the city, the government had built a few dignity housing projects outside Greater Hyderabad. The State Government will provide requisite financial aid to the eligible beneficiaries who are willing to build houses on their own land.

Telangana 2BHK Housing Scheme

During 2007-2014 around 45,951 houses were built at 91 locations under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission. The major lands are worth crores of rupees in all areas where dignity housing projects have been taken up. He said that 90% would be given to Greater Hyderabad beneficiaries, and 10% will be given to local beneficiaries. In the near future, the State Government will issue appropriate guidelines.

Addressing the delay in completing the construction of 2BHK houses, he stated that the unexpected Covid-19 pandemic has affected the ongoing construction works to some extent. Of the 111 locations, 632 houses in five locations have been completed construction and handed them to beneficiaries who are living there today.

The state government will complete the remaining housing projects by September of the next year according to the schedule. By December this year at 88 locations, approximately 74,447 houses will be built. In total, Rs 9,714.59 crore is invested by the government to build one lakh 2BHK houses in Hyderabad.

By: Shailaja K